Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who Makes You Smile?

My dentist makes me smile! :D

Last Monday night, I set an appointment with our family dentist/orthodontist, Dra. Marife Pedreña Soriano of Soriano Dental Clinic. My teeth are brittle and weak (from my genes and not too much candy, as I would like to believe). After work, I was actually excited to go to the dentist! (My 10 year old self would gasp in shock when she reads this.) I have had my fair share of incompetent dentists before, and I would not want to name names (unless someone asks me personally). Even if I have a health card as part of our office's benefits, I still choose to go to my trusted family dentist because I can't imagine any other dentist touching my teeth. (Nooooo!) Then again, I'm so thankful and happy that my dentist's clinic is so near our house.

I love how pleasant Dra. Marife's clinic is - so clean and cheery.

Photo Credit: "Inside My Clinic"

On the receiving area is a computer for the customers to use. There is also free WiFi here! Every month, Dra. is updated with the latest magazines like Cosmopolitan, Preview, FHM, Chalk, and lots more. There are also story books for the kids. If you need more proof, check out the pictures here in her site. Very nice, right?

Photo Credit: "Inside My Clinic"

She also has 3 wide screen TVs, one in the waiting area, and 2 inside the clinic (in front of the dental chair). The sound system is pretty good too.

Photo Credit: "Inside My Clinic"

Work Area
Photo Credit: "Inside My Clinic"

Well, back to my main purpose - cleaning and filling of cavities. :( It did not hurt as much though considering 2 big cavities in hard to reach areas. Dra. Marife had a light hand and the procedure lasted for just a few minutes. For filling smaller cavities, I don't know how Dra. does it, but sometimes, it's not painful at all! For the cleaning, absolutely no bleeding gums and sharp objects poking at the crevices of your gums (unlike my previous dentist).

As I was about to leave, I thanked Dra. for another job well done, and Dra. gave me this!

Tooth Cupcake by Love Lots

Thank you, Dra. Marife! You're the sweetest dentist ever. When Baby Daphne has complete teeth I'm sure her Mommy and Daddy would bring her to your clinic. Great start for her, since she would not be scared of the dentist!

If you'd like to schedule an appointment with Dra. Marife in Soriano Dental Clinic, here are her clinic's details:

Tip: If you're commuting, tell the driver to drop you off on "Mercury Pantranco".

Dra. Marife will surely give you the greatest dental care experience without breaking your wallet, I promise!



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