Monday, December 18, 2017

Amaze Someone this Christmas with The Body Shop

It's that time of the year again when people flock to The Body Shop to hoard their pretty little gift sets! 🎄 This year, they sent me a giant sock and... Yup, I fit in it! 😂

This year's advocacy is #PlayForPeace. Each gift you buy from their seasonal gift collections helps refugee children in Syria to play in a safe place for a year.

This Christmas, The Body Shop wants you to forget adulting and embrace togetherness through festive fun and games. From quizzes and spinners to mazes and dice, the packaging of their holiday gifts transforms into games for the whole family to enjoy! (Time to be a kid again! 🙊)

Take this Strawberry Festive Picks gift set as an example. (I'm giving this to my best friend! 🍓) It's already a lovely gift in itself, but take a closer look at the lid...

It's a puzzle! 😁 By playing with The Body Shop this season, you're not only doing your bit for the planet by upcycling the packaging, you'll also be supporting International Alert's Peace Play Project, which helps Syrian refugee children to heal through play.

Through play, these children can explore and express difficult emotions, make sense of their experiences and learn how to interact more positively with their peers as well as adults in their lives. The therapeutic activities will take place in safe-haven community centres, away from the weight and pressures they face day to day.

So while you're treating yourself or someone special to a beauty-full Christmas, do it with pride knowing that you're helping some of the world's most vulnerable children to smile again. 😊 

And just like a yearly tradition, the limited editions are back! For 2017, it's all about Frosted Berries, Frosted Plum, and Vanilla Chai.

      • Irresistibly fruity, this special edition winter recipe is enriched with cranberry seed oil from the floodplains of North America and subtle notes of red berries, creamy white flowers and sweet vanilla, to create our freshest seasonal scent.
      • Lavishly Christmassy, this elegant and indulgent special edition scent blends juicy, ripe plum extract with sweet, seasonal notes of pink peony and magnolia, for our most deliciously delicate, winter floral fragrance. 
      • Luxuriously creamy and cosy, this special edition scent blends delicious-smelling vanilla extract with spicy, sweet, subtle notes of cardamom and star anise, for an irresistibly warm and inviting seasonal fragrance.


My first encounter with Frosted Plum was in 2015 when it was first released. I liked its unique fruity scent, but I think I am unfortunately allergic to it. >.< My nose gets runny whenever I smell it, so I wasn't able to finish my bottle of Shimmer Mist and ended up giving it to my sister who actually liked it.

I fell in love with Vanilla Chai when it was released last year during the holidays, and I still feel warm and cozy whenever I put it on. It's perfect for the cold weather we're having lately!

Cranberries are always, ALWAYS present each year whenever The Body Shop releases their holiday items, but it wasn't a favorite of mine until I took a whiff of the Frosted Berries Softening Body Butter and went to berries and cream heaven! Oh my gosh! It smells really delicious, like food. It's fruity and creamy with hints of vanilla at the same time. If you love the classic Strawberry line (it's one of my favorites), that one smells sweet all throughout, but Frosted Berries has a hint of tartness that balances out the sweetness. Among the 3 Shimmer Mists available in store, Frosted Berries appealed to me the most this year.

I've been eyeing the Metal Lip Liquid since I first saw it in IG a few months ago. The Metal Lip Liquid is available in 6 shades, each with a lasting matte metallic finish. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS! 😍 (So excited, I even went to the store and swatched all the shades for you! HAHA) I'm reviewing this next so stay tuned! 💋

Take a peek at The Body Shop's Christmas Catalogue 2017 so you'd already know which ones to get when you drop by the mall. Shop smarter and save time! 😉

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PS. When you buy the iconic Tea Tree Oil from December 23 to 25, 2017, 100% of the net proceeds will provide child-friendly spaces for the children of Marawi. That's another good deed that makes you feel good while looking good! 💚

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