Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cathy Doll Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte in Red Rose

It's been a while since my last makeup review and I missed it a lot. Today, I'll be sharing with you a matte liquid lipstick review from Cathy Doll. What's unique about the Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte range is that it has 5 shades customized for different skin tones!

Cathy Doll Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte in Red Rose (P349/7g)

I can go with either Red Rose or Sakura, but of course I'd pick red over pink any day. Anyway, I like all shades except Coral Red. Orange is just not my thing. These shades are sad to be inspired by Asian flowers and they make our lips flourish like flowers in full bloom. (I like that!)

The packaging is sealed, and you will see a Karmart sticker as proof of its authenticity.


This product is good for 12 months after opening, but I never listen to that as I love holding on to pretty lippies. HUHU

At the back of the packaging is the shade name, and at the base are the manufacturing and expiry dates. I like how it looks - simple but nice. Also, it comes with a doe-foot applicator which works well with the liquid formula.


Upon application, it has a wet finish. It takes a couple of minutes for the product to completely dry, and if you're impatient like me...

Just lightly press your lips on a tissue paper and you're good to go! Haha. The red loses intensity after dabbing off the "glossy" layer, but it should look brighter in person. Also, once it sets, it's a done deal. It looks really matte and it stays on for as long as you don't eat oily food. (My arm swatch didn't even come off with soap and water!)

When worn:

Red Rose's formula has a liquidy consistency which dries to a completely matte finish. It's not hydrating at all, but it doesn't make my lips crack. It has no scent. Provided that you apply it just right (and not in excess to the point that it reaches your inner lips), it doesn't transfer to your teeth. Also, it doesn't cake up or go flaky when you retouch.

Cathy Doll Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte in Red Rose is a bright matte red shade that's similar to Etude House's Rosy Tint Lips in 1 (Before Blossom), and more yellow than Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Passion (which is blue-based).

On this photo, I'm wearing zero makeup elsewhere and just the Cathy Doll Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte. (My brows are tattooed. Hehe) This red lippie alone makes me look more polished effortlessly. Also, I'm inspired to do Michelle Phan's Spanish Rose look because it!

Learn more about Cathy Doll products here. You may also backread my other Cathy Doll reviews here.

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Which Cathy Doll Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte shade do you like best? Have you tried their other products?


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