Monday, September 12, 2016

L'Occitane 40 Years Of Love For Hands Collection

L'Occitane celebrates their 40th Anniversary this year! When I think of the brand, their famous Shea Hand Cream almost always comes to mind. Last month was "Happy Hands Month", so I joined their quick promo on Facebook and won! (I believe there were many winners.) When I went to claim my hand cream at Glorietta, I was surprised to get all these! :D

They're seriously so cute!

Apparently, they sell this set (that comes with a tin box) for only P475. Each tube contains 10ml x 3. (If you were to buy just 1 30ml tube, it would cost you P560.) You know what to do! :D

I'm admittedly excited about the cherry blossom and rose tubes, but I just had to try the classic Shea variant to understand what the hype was all about.

L'Occitane Shea Dry Skin Hand Cream comes with a screw top cap, and the tube can easily be squeezed to dispense the product.

I've been hand-washing my clothes since March when our helper left, so my hands are perpetually dry. I used to slather on a hydrating body butter on my hands at night, but the current one I'm using has strong fragrance in it, which made my detergent-sensitive fingers itch.

This hand cream has a strong musky scent which takes a little getting used to, especially for me since I'm into lighter scents. However, this one has a gentler formula as I didn't get any adverse reaction with it despite being scented. It comes in a thick cream that is surprisingly easily absorbed by the skin. In a few minutes, my hands doesn't feel as if they have greasy lotion on - they're just soft! If there's night cream for the face, this is definitely one for the hands. Now, my cuticles aren't as ragged as before. Because of this, I'm inspired to take care of my hands more, so they won't age and reveal my true age in the future. ;)

What is your HG hand cream?

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