Monday, April 11, 2016

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

Lately, my lippies of choice are more on the nude and red shades. Matte lipsticks are a must for me, I can live on them everyday! However, the usual matte lipstick in its classic bullet form tends to be drying. Right now, I have around 6 matte liquid lipsticks in circulation right now, and these 2 babies are the newest ones!

When Revlon launched the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors, I was over the moon! This line boasts of having a 100% wax-free gel formula - non-drying and doesn't flake or cake even when you retouch! This range is available in 8 shades, and I'm reviewing Devotion and Passion.

Velvet seems to be the operative word for the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor range - from its unique doe-foot applicator with flat sides, to the HD shades, to the overall feel of this lippie when worn.





Devotion is a pretty peachy pink shade that's nothing short of girly. It has this "girl next door" vibe, and would go very well a neutral eye palette to complete the look.

Passion is a beautiful bright cherry red shade which I LOVE and plan to use up 'til the last drop. This shade makes me feel empowered the moment I wear it. I feel strong, confident, and made up instantly - even when the rest of my face is bare. I'm a fan of the clean, doll-like look: tinted moisturizer, falsies, and red lippie.

You may have noticed that the swatches aren't completely matte. These lippies actually have a wet finish upon application, and it takes a while for it to dry. Once it settles on your lips, it looks really good - really pigmented with solid colors and it's not shiny at all!

Tip: As you take the applicator out from the tube, wipe away ALL excess products on the tip until you think there's no more product left on the wand. Then apply the lippie from there. Trust me, this method works and it gives you more control over the amount of product. You can build the color according to your liking from there.

About the feel of this lippie, I'd say it's very lightweight, moisturizing, and cushy. I never had to use a lip balm along with the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. It also doesn't make my lips flake, crack, or dry up. It's the most comfortable matte lipcolor I've ever worn. Another plus is the scent; it smells like creamy mangoes and whipped vanilla combined, very cake-like and delicious! Lasting power is around 5 hours of super comfortable wear.
Passion (when worn)

Off topic, but I'm back to having black hair! This time, it's my real hair color and (wavy) texture. Sometimes I miss having it colored, but whenever I think of roots and regrowth, never mind. :D

Price: P575 for 5.9ml
Available at all Revlon counters nationwide

Have you tried Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor? Which shade is your favorite?


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  1. Thanks for sharing this Helen! Kind of looking for new lip colors to try and I'm definitely checking this out. You look very fierce in Passion! :D



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