Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact

I'm not one to bring my entire makeup collection in my everyday kikay kit. I usually have with me a lippie or two and ALWAYS one powder pact. The moment I got the Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact, I immediately set aside my "just okay" powder and gave this baby a test run. Little did I know, I will be staying for good inside my kikay kit! I've been using this one for months now.

Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact SPF 40 PA+++ in Natural Beige

Cathy Doll's Speed White CC Powder Pact only comes in 2 shades:
  • #21 Light Beige - ideal for fair skin types
  • #23 Natural Beige - balances two-tone skin types

I'm guessing I could go for either, but I never look good with the lightest shade of powder, no matter from what brand it may be, hence I went for the second shade. (I think Natural Beige is the safer bet and could work for most skin tones, but those with deeper skin tones might not have a shade match from this line.)


Photo Credit: Karmart

The lightweight but sturdy plastic packaging comes with a reflective pink lid. It's a joy to see, but a pain to photograph since it reflects everything. Everything written on the lid and back has now been erased, since I bring it with me everywhere.

The powder has a pretty "Cathy Doll" lettering on it, but at first glance I thought it would be dark for my skin.

I appreciate the separate compartment for the sponge, but I prefer to use a compact kabuki brush for retouch versus sponges (which I throw out when they get dirty).

Do not remove the sticker label at the back of the compact, or else the base will reveal air holes which could get your sponge dirty.

In actual, the shade looks a bit darker than this photo, but I'm guessing both shades will have just a little difference when worn. The photos below are raw and unedited, since I have to show the powder's actual effect on bare skin.


What I first noticed when I opened this powder was its strong scent (which reminds me of old cake makeups from the past). This one's definitely not expired though; I just don't like the scent. However, the texture more than makes up for the scent. It goes on very smoothly and has a silky feel. It blends well into the skin with very minimal effort.

It has light coverage - it can even out redness, blur my pores, make my dark circles less visible, but it's not enough for obvious zits.


It does give me a natural glow though, which is quite a feat since the powder I used before just made my face matte and nothing more. I bring this with me everywhere for retouch, since it helps me look polished instantly and keeps haggardness away. And strangely enough, Panda always compliments me whenever I wear only this powder. (Less is more!) :D

One thing I can't vouch for yet is the "Speed White" effect, whether or not it will lighten your skin with long term use (?), but for the immediate brightening effect, yes it works. Also, this powder is said to look good despite sweating. I've tried it while commuting, and I like how the powder melts onto your skin after a while, so even when I started to sweat a bit the power was still intact. So far, so good! I'm not sure though how it will fare during intense workouts, but I don't advise wearing powder anyway while exercising. Let your skin breathe!

Best part is of course not breaking out from this, despite the fragrance. I like this powder pact and I'll be repurchasing, unless I find something better at an affordable price point.

Price: P399 for 12g
Available at Cathy Doll stalls/kiosks nationwide

What Cathy Doll products is your favorite? This powder pact is underrated, but it's probably one of my faves among all their items.


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