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Daphne goes to Ballet Manila!

When I was a kid, I never liked dancing and P.E. I could even remember vividly how our P.E. classes were like: Because of my surname Blas, I was always Girl #1 in class so I was in front of the line all the time. We had to memorize exercise moves our teacher demoed. As much as I wanted to excel, I had no mind/body coordination, and I couldn't copy the moves of my classmates because I was the one in front. Until now, it's traumatic for me - just like math. HAHAHA!

Anyway, I have a pretty niece who I'm pretty sure didn't get her dancing bones from her Blas aunties. She LOVES dancing and performing in front of an audience. She would get excited for school performances. :o When Krissy invited her to join Ballet Manila's class for kids, she was excited for days! :D

Disclaimer: Hindi pa ako mommy blogger, guys. I'm a cool tita. Haha!

Finally, the day has arrived. I told her mommy and daddy that the invite stated simple exercise attire will do, but when you're a parent, you will buy an entire OOTD for this momentous event. She will be having a class with Prima Ballerina, Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, after all! :D This was Daphne - even before her first ballet lesson. I strongly believe she got her arte moves from her doting aunties. LOL

The event was scheduled at 10:30 and we live very near Fisher Mall, but she kept on insisting we leave home early so she won't be late for class.

The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila is the only ballet school in the Philippines with direct links to the Russian Ballet Academy of St. Petersburg, Russia. Ballet enthusiasts often praise the school for staying true to the principles of the art form and for teaching the rigorous Vaganova Academy method of dancing, which is widely accepted as the highest standard of style when it comes to classical ballet.

The school’s faculty is made up of accomplished Vaganova style-trained classical dancers who are highly considered as some of the best in the country, including Jonathan Janolo, Sofia Sangco-Peralta, Gerardo Francisco, Eileen Lopez, Czarina Villegas, and of course, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and Osias Barroso, who is the school’s Co-Director.

Our not so little ballerina! (Spot her 1 day old photo here.)
Pretty books about Ms. Lisa's very inspiring life so far story

Ballet Manila's studio

The floor is specially made for ballet dancers with layers of wood and rubber so it's more gentle on the joints.
All ready for class! :D

Ms. Lisa was gentle yet firm with the kids. She gave out instructions that can be easily understood by little ones. "Do you want to be a donut or a princess?" :D Donuts are those who slouch, while princesses are those who sit up straight. I also learned that day that Ballet originated from Italy, and in the past, only royal princesses could learn this dance.


By the wall: I'm a stage tita! I had to document everything. Daphne's Auntie Reina came to watch her dance, too. (Thanks, Daddy Ryan for allowing Daphne to join!)
She was definitely enjoying herself. Look at that high kick/skip. :D

Classes for the little ones are available daily at The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila in Fisher Mall.
  • Creative Movement for Toddlers (2-3 years old)
    • Our toddlers at the playful age of 2 to 3 have a lot of energy and imagination. Our classes will build on these unique qualities of our students in order to engage them in activity that will make them more spatially and kinesthetically aware of their bodies. Connections with music, rhythm, identifying direction and the imaginative work with fabrics, props & musical instruments to enhance learning and make the classes fun and engaging. This class is also a great way to warm up for Baby Ballerina classes
  • Baby Ballerina (3-5 years old)
    • Even at this young age, a Baby Ballerina student is already taught posture and stance. Placement is normally taught first with floor activities where the child is encouraged to have a straight back by executing leg and arm movements while sitting or lying down on the floor. Basic dance steps in the center include such movements as walking, running, skipping, marching and hopping. An awareness about direction, formations and rhythm is begun. Working with props, fabric, musical instruments is also employed to make the classes fun and engaging.
  • Twinkle Toes (5-6 years old)
    • Students learn proper ballet technique specially geared for their developing motor skills and coordination, rhythm and musicality, with an added emphasis on learning basic dance vocabulary, nutrition and reading pointers. Young students also work with fabrics, props & musical instruments to enhance learning and make the classes fun and engaging. Proper dance vocabulary is used in these classes and the student is encouraged to become a more serious ballet student. Combinations on the floor, at the barre and center work are clearly tackled as separate class activities.

This can help my niece improve her balance, motor skills, and body coordination. I believe this is an amazing way to teach kids the discipline of this dance. It can teach them grace and perseverance.

The higher levels are the following:
  • Level 1B-Beginner and Level 1A-Advanced (for ages 6-9)
  • Level 2B-Beginner and Level 2B-Advanced (for 10-12 years old)
  • Level 3B-Intermediate (for boys and girls aged 12-16 with previous ballet training and intermediate pointe work)
  • Level 3-A Advanced (for 14 years old and above)

Note to self: Enrolling my future baby girl here! Quite late for myself, but I can always do Adult Ballet Fitness - perfect for those with zero background in ballet and wish to learn it for fitness’ sake or those who had ballet training in the past and wish to take it up again.

Cuteness overload class picture!
Ms. Lisa & Daphne (who didn't want to remove her ballerina attire even until the evening)
Kiddie loot! :D

My niece wasn't aware of the concept of loot bags yet during blogger events, so she said she got a bag of candies as a prize for being very good. Totoo naman eh! Haha! SO CUTE. I hope she doesn't think candies are available after every class. :p
Auntie Reina, Teacher Lisa, Auntie Helen, and Daphne

If you have a baby girl or niece, you know what to do! This is the proof of how fun ballet class was. The kids couldn't stop smiling and laughing even when they're tired. :)

The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila
Address: 4F, Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City (Near Expo Hall)
Telephone numbers: 400-0292 and 525-5967
Facebook: Ballet Manila
Twitter: @BalletManila
Instagram: @BalletManila


PS. Can't get over this cute event. My ballet hangover has gotten me so excited for Ballet Manila’s The Swan, The Fairy, & The Princess at the Aliw Theater on October 14 & 15 at 8:00PM and October 16 at 3:00PM. For a limited time, tickets are available at 50% off. Visit and use the promo code: SFP50.

Let me know if you'll be watching, okay? :D

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  1. Thank you for coming, Helen! I really enjoyed reading this, and no joke, you were the super doting tita talaga! Parang you enjoyed it as much as Daphne, haha! Hope to see you again soon <3

    1. HAHAHA ALEX! :D Thank you for inviting us. Parang mas naenjoy ko nga to. :p See you soonest!


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