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Day Trip: Camp N, Nuvali

It's been a while since I've been to an outdoorsy adventure. When I got invited to media preview of Camp N in Nuvali early this month, I was excited and scared at the same time! I've been to Alviera's Sandbox in Porac before, and I had loads of fun despite the heat. I did a bit of a research and found a few photos of Camp N's version of Aerial Walk and it was almost ALL high ropes. @_@ I'm afraid of heights, but I like pushing myself to help me get over it! :D

Camp N is Nuvali's latest summer attraction that's set to open on April 16, 2016. To differentiate it from Sandbox, Camp N is the eco-city's premier outdoor adventure and team-building hub.

Side note: I've never joined my then-company's team building activities, but I said I would should it be held at Sandbox. Our office tried to make reservations in Sandbox on a weekend but was denied. So...Camp N is the new place to go, since this place is especially dedicated for that purpose! It serves an incubation for self-discovery through obstacles and challenges, testing one's physical limits, mental abilities, and even character and values. Deep stuff, but when you see how the place is set up, you will agree.

IMPORTANT: Come in closed sports shoes. Slippers aren't allowed here for your own safety.

Upon arrival, Panda and I were each given our Camp N survival kits for the day. Exciting! To start of, we were given a short background of how Camp N came to be, plus some very important safety tips before we tried out the facilities.

According to John Estacio, general manager of Nuvali, Camp N was designed in such a way that outdoor play and self-discovery are integrated seamlessly so people can enjoy bonding while being surrounded by nature. Camp N’s philosophy - expressed through providing people outdoor amenities where one can commune, learn, grow, and interact socially - perfectly blend with Nuvali's philosophy of being an eco-community.

Mon Jocson told us a story about how the youth's current lifestyle is not as active as it was before. As kids, they used to physically climb trees, but now if you ask a child how to climb one, he'd Google "how to climb a tree" for you. True story! In the age where technology has taken over almost everyone's lives, nature gets easily forgotten. We forget to breathe and just appreciate the great outdoors. We ought to LIVE more often, and Camp N is a place where you can go.

Safety-expert Kerry Asuncion's segment was fun. He made us stand up and do stretches first before trying out the facilities, so we won't end up injuring ourselves.

He also introduced to us the Edelrid Smart Belay safety system, a German-made harness that's guaranteed safe and strong. This small device has 2 interconnected carabiners, which means that only one carabiner can be unlocked at a given time. In the event that a person forgets to close one of the locks and slips, he's still safe. Whew! :o

During the event, we were given passports, and per facility we try, we'd get corresponding points to redeem prizes with! :D

When we were given the go-signal to start, Panda and I headed straight to Aerial Walk. I remember when we went to Sandbox on a weekend before, we had to line up for about an hour just to experience it.

The Aerial Walk is a series of rope-based challenges set high in the air. It has 3 levels - low, medium, and high. High was the most exciting part, since it's where you get the chance to zipline yourself twice! Compared to Sandbox, the Aerial Walk here is more challenging and daring. It's a must try!

We got so hungry after Aerial Walk! I think it's January since my last workout (shame on me), so I felt as if all calories were burned. Thank God Friday's served lunch! :D

After lunch, we wanted to go to the Adventure Tower to try the zipline. (I know, we're full but we didn't throw up! LOL) We passed by the Oculus Archery range which I'd love to try next time.

On the way to the Adventure Tower, you'll pass by the Obstacle Course.

Obstacle Course has three challenge levels from basic to advanced, encompassing a broad spectrum of skill levels. It looks like an army camp with lush greenery on the background.

And so, we reached the Adventure Tower, which has the biggest rollercoaster zipline in Asia, as well as free fall, wall climbing, and rappelling facilities. We got to try the zipline!
Short zipline (180m)

Long zipline (280m)

Here, there are 2 ziplines - a short one with 180m, and a long one with 280m. OMG. I don't think I can do the long one, so I just went for the 180m.

♥ Panda and I ♥

Even the 180m zipline was so intense and nerve-wracking for me. There were 3 crazy dips if I remember it correctly, and it was fun!
Free fall

Wall climbing

Cargo net

There was also the High and Low Rope Initiatives - a series of balancing platforms and tightropes set just a little above ground and requires the participation of small groups.

Right beside Camp N is Greens & Patches which serves as a tree nursery, a demo organic farm, as well as an art and meditation center for those seeking an introspective approach in self-development. Guided tours and programs will soon be offered here so guests can learn about nature’s processes and gifts.

Camp N’s lush and scenic trails include paths for trail running beginners and mountain biking for kids and adults. This place is definitely is for everyone and anyone who is not only looking for some outdoor adventure fun, but also a place where they can recharge and connect with other people or even themselves, while being surrounded by nature.

The weather was so nice that day. It was mostly couldy and windy. (The trees helped!) Clean shower stalls are available if you wish to refresh yourself after the activities.

So my Panda and I were able to amass 15 points. The Seda Hotel GC was claimed very early on, so we got all these Aquazorb and Human Nature goodies to share with our family and friends.


(click to enlarge)

Camp N opens its doors to the public on April 16. During that day, Camp N will be the venue for the first leg of the AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016, a multi-stage adventure race similar to The Amazing Race, also popularized by the AXN network. Adventurers will go through intense obstacle challenges in Camp N and the first 20 finishers will head to Boracay for the final round. Only 200 teams from Manila may join the AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016. Registration starts Monday, April 11, at Chris Sports outlets in SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM City BF Paranaque, Uptown Place Mall, or on-site at Camp N, Nuvali starting 6am.


To get to Nuvali, one can take any of the five South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) exits at Mamplasan, Sta. Rosa, Eton-Greenfield, Silangan, and Canlubang. Nuvali is also easily accessible via public vehicles from major centers like Makati, Bonifacio Global City, and Balibago.

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Are you excited for Camp N? :D

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  1. So fun! Me and hubby saw you there. Would love to take a pic with you sana but i was kinda shy...

    1. Sayang! Hehe. Next time picture tayo. :)

  2. Replies
    1. SUPER FUN! I enjoyed Sandbox too, kaso mas mainit dun e. Mas maganda sa Camp N also because of the scenery. It's surrounded by trees! <3

  3. Me and my partner are planning na pumunta sa Camp N on our anniversary. Kaso may questions pa kami na sana we can get some answers from you:

    1. May baggage counter/station ba sila? If meron, may bayad ba?
    2. Pwede ba magdala ng sariling food (sa small container lng nmn)? If pwede, may extrang bayad ba?
    3. Paano pumunta by public transpo and magkano yung fare?
    4. Gaano katagal yung byahe by public transpo?
    5. Need ba magpareserve bago pumunta? If yes, ilang days before ng visit dapat magpareserve?

    Thanks! ^___^

    1. Please ask Nuvali instead to be sure of ALL the details you are asking for: :)


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