Monday, September 9, 2013

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint in #04 Coral Pop

I don't have a lot of orange shades in my makeup kit. The last time I checked, I only saw a lonely peach blush. I've always thought that orange shades looked stunning on morena skin, not on me. But then again, I love trying out new makeup so here goes!

For Summer 2013, Etude House also launched the Color Pop Collection, along with Bling in the Sea. (Just when you thought that makeup brands only released one themed makeup collection per season!) The only item I have from this collection would be the Color Pop Shine Tint in Coral Pop. This range comes in 5 shades of orange, peach, and coral shades.

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint in #04 Coral Pop

About the Product:

Colorful + Fun + Trendy = Color Pop!

This is a 3-in-1 magic gloss tint that glides on in a perfect combination of smoothness and shine, with a lip stain formula that provides vivid color and long-lasting shine.

Unlike the usual Etude House products with cutesy packaging, this one is pretty simple and straightforward. The markings on the tube gives you an idea what shade is inside.

One thing I like is that the manufacturing date is printed at the base of the packaging.

This gloss tint comes with a flat heart-shaped applicator.


Unblended | Blended

After applying the gloss on your lips, the best way to blend it is to use your pinky finger.

It's the first time for me to try a gloss tint! I've mentioned before that I'm not so into lipgloss, since I don't like the sticky, goopy feel and that "just ate oily lechon" look. The Color Pop Shine Tint hits the perfect spot as it gives the lips just an ample bit of healthy sheen. This gloss tint is tinted in a way that it will up your natural lip color by a notch, yet it looks perfectly natural. But if you're looking for something dramatic and loud, this is not it.
  • The manufacturing date is indicated on the packaging.
  • It has a unique texture - somewhat like a creamy liquid lipstick that doesn't dry. It maintains its glossy look all throughout wear.
  • It feels super lightweight on your lips.
  • For a gloss, this isn't sticky or goopy at all!
  • It has a fruity scent that's barely noticeable when applied.

  • For me, the packaging is too simple for an Etude House product.
  • Given it's glossy texture, it's not as long lasting as regular lip tints/lip stains.
  • It's not as pigmented as regular lip tints, but it does leave a barely noticeable faint stain on the lips as the gloss wears off. I prefer my lip tint to stain my lips brightly all day.

Price: Approximately P400.00 (I'll update you on the exact price once I check on it.)
Will I repurchase? No.
Available in all Etude House boutiques nationwide.

I think I would have loved this more had it been a red shade. But then, at least my peach blush isn't lonely anymore as I use them both always at the same time. Your blush has to be in the same color family as your lippie, always!

Have you seen Etude House Color Pop Collection in stores? :D



  1. I loved the selection in the color pop range. I think the peachiness in this one is sublime! love love love!

    1. Orange is actually my least favorite color in the rainbow (haha), but I like the finish of this one. It's peachy/coral shade is cute and not blatantly orange. :D

  2. Thanks for the review.
    I think I won't buy this either.
    The price is too expensive for a lip tint so small and not that pigmented :( I still love Etude House though

    1. You're welcome! I wish this were more pigmented too, but the red one looks really nice when I swatched it in store. But still, we love Etude House! ♥

  3. The color looks a tad scary on the applicator but it's really pretty on your lips. I think I would like this type of gloss tint as I have the same issue as you with lip gloss. Thanks for the review Helen!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. It's scary bright on the applicator, but it's toned down when applied. :D You're welcome, Rowena!

  4. I love the corally peachy colour of the lip gloss!

    1. It's a refreshing change to the usual pinks and reds. :D

  5. Aww too bad it's not an amazing product, I was hoping it would be a dupe of Benefit's chacha tint that I'm afraid I'm running out of.

    1. Oh no, this one's so not a dupe for Benefit's Chacha Tint. If you do find one, please let me know. ;)

  6. true this is actually the first packaging from etude that im not very excited about ^^

    1. And I thought I was the only one. :D Haha


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