Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Save vs. Spend: Vegan Retractable Makeup Brush

Here's another makeup brush feature! I'm totally obsessed with super soft makeup brushes. I've been looking for a retractable blush brush for the longest time, and I saw this in Landmark (the same place where I got my super soft Jenny brush). This one is as soft as my Jenny brush, but smaller and less dense.



The rose-colored metal casing is sleek and semi-matte. The bristles of this brush is synthetic (hence vegan) and is super duper soft.

This retractable brush is priced at P90.00 in Landmark Trinoma. There's a smaller version of this brush, but this size is the most ideal for me when it comes to applying blush.

This feature is Save vs. Spend because I saw the exact same brush being sold in Suesh for P550.00. I'm not kidding when I said that they were exactly the same (because the one from Suesh has no branding whatsoever). I saw it in Suesh Trinoma and in Suesh's Facebook page.

"Now Available! Your favorite powder/blush retractable brush goes VEGAN!
Price: P 550"
If you want to get this vegan (synthetic) retractable makeup brush, you know exactly where to go.



  1. I must go to Landmark and do a brush haul! :P

    1. Some of their brushes aren't so nice as the ones they started out with. Be sure to choose well! :)

  2. Ooohhhh~ what a steal! Where exactly in Landmark Trinoma can I find this? Cause I looked for the pink passport holder you mentioned previously, but it was sold out and the salesladies didn't even seem to know it existed.

    1. This one is near the makeup/cosmetics section. There's a shelf of makeup brushes/applicators near the escalator. The pink (and even the brown) passport holder got sold out, I went back after a few days and they were all gone! :O

  3. I love hanging out at Landmark Trinoma too and check out their brushes! This is an interesting post! :)) Thank you for this! :)

    I'm your newest follower. Hope you could follow back :)))

    1. I'm always at Landmark Trinoma too! :) Thanks for leaving your link; I followed you back, Iya!


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