Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Jenny

I can't believe that I just met Jenny! If you're wondering who she is, she's my new makeup brush which I got at Landmark Trinoma. My search for a soft blush brush started when I began to use Human Nature's Mineral Blush (which I will talk about in a separate post). If I were to use an all good blush, might as well find an all good brush!

I got Jenny's name from its handle!

This synthetic brush is so soft, if feels like a dream when I use it and I can't help but sweep it over my hand over and over again. But then again, if I do that, I must clean it again and again. This brush can be used as powder and/or blush brush. I got it at a steal - P139.75 (plus 10% off because of the Landmark Cosmetics Fair last October). When I checked back in Landmark Trinoma recently, Jenny was always out of stock! So next time you see her, don't let her slip away, okay? This brush is definitely backup worthy and worth every single centavo.



  1. great deal you got there dear. :) the brush looks fluffy! ;)

  2. @Sugar: It is sooo fluffy, I'm in love! Haha

  3. I have the same brush and I love it too! I bought a retractable kabuki brush from Landmark Makati too and it's just as awesome. I love Landmark!

  4. @Meedge: They're new brushes are crazy cheap yet super soft! I love Landmark too. :)

  5. i have this brush!!! i bought mine at Landmark makati like meedge! i love jenny brushes! i have a total of 5 jenny brushes in my kit and been planning to collect their goods! nice review sis!

  6. i have this brush also!!! just like @meedge, i bought mine at Landmark makati! i love jenny brushes, i have a total of 5 brushes under their line! nice review sis, i agree with u it's definitely worth every centavo!

  7. @Nikki: Yey! My officemate used my brush today and she can't believe it's just over a hundred pesos! However, I can't find Jenny brushes in Landmark Trinoma anymore. What they have now are of lower quality. I should have bought a backup of this before. I also wanted to get the retractable pink brush but it was gone already last Christmas season.

  8. I hope I'll be able to spot Jenny on my next landmark trip! :)

    1. I hope so too. I'd buy one again as a back up in case I see it. :)


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