Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock SPF 45

The temperature here in Manila just keeps on rising. Everyday, I hear from the news that we have a new record on having the highest temperature to date. Just days ago, it reached 36.6 degrees Celsius - a little more means feverish temperature (which is 37 degrees Celsius). While going to the beach and soaking up the warm sun rays can be tempting, it's bad news since that's sunburn and sun-damaged skin to come when you don't use any form of sun protection. And whether we're at the beach or in the city, our skin needs to be protected at all times.

Here Comes The Sunblock, and I say...It's Alright! That catchy phrase is actually the name of Snoe's sunblock. The first thing I noticed about it was the scent - it smelled so fresh, clean, and fruity. Definitely my kind of scent. I've been so used to sunblock being either unscented or having that chemical scent that's definitely a turn off. This one's by far the best smelling sunblock I've used.

 Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock, and I say...It's Alright!

This sunblock has SPF 45, and it instantly whitens your skin upon application. This sunblock moisturizes, whitens, protects skin from damage, has anti-oxidants, is non-greasy, and is free from parabens.

One of the active ingredients of this sunblock is Bengkoang, which is Singkamas. Singkamas contains vitamin C, flavonoids, and saponins, which are natural sunscreen agents that prevent sun damage to our skin. Singkamas, when applied on the skin, can reduce dark marks like post-acne scars.

Other ingredients in this sunblock worth mentioning are the following: Papain enzyme, Glutathione, Allantoin, Tocopherol, Zinc oxide, Titanium oxide, Neheliupan BB, Ascorbate, Bees wax, Aloe vera extract, and Lycopene.
 Before (up) & After (down)

Although others might not like the "instant white" effect, I like it because it evens out my entire body, and the whiteness it gives does not look fake. (You'd have to blend it really well though.) This sunblock looks matte on my skin, not oily, so dirt is less likely to stick to my skin when I commute.

Even if I'm really lazy when it comes to skincare, I use Here Comes The Sunblock on my arms, legs, feet, and (any part of my body that's exposed) every time I go out. I'd gladly add this to my routine than have sun-damaged skin. 

Here Comes The Sunblock is affordably priced at P199.00 per 100ml bottle.

If you need a higher SPF, Snoe has you covered as well. They also have Snoe SunTervention Serious Sun Protection with SPF 80++, which retails at P699.00.

Ever heard of using SPF indoors or at night? I've learned from Snoe that even during the evening, the sun's UVA and UVB rays are never really gone. (Much to my surprise!) For even more sun protection, Snoe S-Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream with SPF 30 can be used as a mattifying face base. With anti-aging, moisturizing, and brightening properties, it leaves your complexion naturally and beautifully sun-kissed, never sun-damaged.

Snoe is available online, or in the following locations:
  • SM Muntinlupa (2nd floor, Fashion Ave.)
  • Festival Mall (Ground floor, behind Jollibee)
  • Cinderella Glorietta 3 (Ground floor, near the cashier)
  • SM Valenzuela (Ground floor, beside BDO)
  • Market Market, Taguig (Ground floor, in front of Forme)
  • Landmark Trinoma
  • Robinsons Place DasmariƱas, Cavite
  • Robinsons Galleria
  • SM Las Pinas



  1. Hi Helen, I use this too! :)

    Was supposed to do a review on different sunblocks/sunscreen kaso busy, hanggang comment comment lang ngayon :(

    anyway, pro din sakin yung instant white effect, it lessens my bb cream usage :)

    1. Hi Mica! Looking forward to reading your posts when you're not that busy anymore. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. :) Nice to know that it works for your face as well, I haven't tried it on my face yet. I'm hesitant because it smells so good (which means it has lots of fragrance.) I've been meaning to write this post for months already, but just did it now.

  2. Replies
    1. Agree! This is one of my many favorites from Snoe. :)

  3. You must try the new sunblock un pink! May matte effect sha so pde sa face~ Naghoard na naman ako ng SNOE products last weekend~

    1. OMG! Meron na pala? I want that too! :D

  4. This is Bec's favorite product too but I haven't tried it yet. I gave mine away to my mom. She likes it too. :D

    1. Try it! :) I'm sharing this with my mom too.

  5. I want to try applying sunblock, but i was thinking na di siya worth it sa oras ng pasok ko lol.... sana may sachet sila nito.

    1. Oo nga noh! Hehe! Swerte ka nga e. Ayoko talaga naglalagay ng lotion/sunblock tuwing umaga kasi mainit tapos magiging sticky, kaso ngayon kailangan na e. :P

  6. interesting i want to try it na tuloy :)

    1. First time I've tried an "instant" whitening sunblock :)


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