Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Market O Real Brownie from Korea

My cousin came back from a trip from Korea (lucky her!) and got us a couple of Korean snacks as pasalubong. One of them that particularly caught my eye was this. If you're wondering why, that's because (1) it's pink and (2) it's chocolate-y! It's practically Helen in a box! Haha!

And as if the box wasn't cute enough, look at what's inside! Cuteness overload!

Each box has 7 brownies inside. (My sister took the other one.) The wrapper is so cute and girly, it almost hurts to tear the packaging open.

While the packaging was all cute and pink, the brownie inside looked plain. But plain doesn't have to mean boring. The brownie is made of pure chocolate goodness, and each piece is dense but moist. It also has chocolate chips inside, and a tiny hint of liquor (reminds me of tiramisu and black forest cakes).

Korea has the daintiest stuff! When I get there, I'll make sure to hoard cute food (like this) and makeup, of course! :)



  1. that looks sooo moist and fudgy! really cute packaging too. I wish we can theme here! :(

    1. The packaging instantly won me over. Yeah, I wish we had these here too.

  2. c'mon.let's go to south korea!:D

  3. that's so cute and yummy!!! *u*

  4. yes it yummy and after you eat one.... you want more....

  5. yummy and after you eat one pack you want more....


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