Friday, May 18, 2012

Guess Who's Made For Uniqlo?

From Tokyo to Manila. Uniqlo, a Japanese casual clothing brand, will be opening its very first store in the Philippines on June 15, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia. The first Uniqlo store opened way back in 1984. Now, 28 years later, Uniqlo has grown to over a thousand stores around the world.

Uniqlo has chosen 4 unique Filipino personalities that embody their "Made For All" philosophy. The members of the Uniqlo Cast each have different characteristics, but all of them have one thing in common - love for the Uniqlo brand.

Guess who's made for Uniqlo?

Chico and Delamar hosted the Uniqlo Cast Party. They were both wearing Uniqlo pieces. I was convinced by Chico as he was raving about how soft Uniqlo garments felt on the skin, since I have also tried the Uniqlo UT before. So comfy!

 Katsumi Kubota, Chief Operating Officer of Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc.

The Uniqlo Cast was then presented to us one by one.

Chris Tiu

Nikki Gil

Chito Miranda

Iza Calzado

Sporty, fun, witty, serious, and spontaneous - each cast has a character of their own. Even with their differences, they all found a piece in Uniqlo that suited their taste and style.

Through the Uniqlo Cast, Filipinos can feel closer to the brand as we will be able to identify ourselves in every product that the brand will be bringing here to the Philippines.

If you liked the Uniqlo Cast, then you'd love this even more. I'm beyond excited because aside from seeing the Cast on their opening day, there will be special discounts on the first week of Uniqlo's opening (from June 15-21, 2012).
  • Jeans P990 -> P590
  • UT P790 -> P590
  • Dry Pique Polo Shirt P990 -> P590
  • Bratop P990 -> P590

See you all at the store opening of Uniqlo!


PS. Like Uniqlo Philippines on Facebook, and join the Uniqlo Vote & Win promo. 100 pieces of Uniqlo UT are up for grabs every week, plus get a chance to win a trip to Japan. Good luck!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm excited for it to come here! You've got 851 stores over there, while we're about to have 1. :)

  2. nice to see you there event mate!! :D

    1. Oo nga, super duper nice bonding with you! :) See you again sa launch!


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