Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fanny Serrano Moisturific Gold Lipstick

Fanny Serrano by Fashion 21 Cosmetics has been a strong player in the local cosmetics industry. I read in a magazine that they are also popular in other countries, and that before Fanny Serrano launched this makeup line in the market, he tested these first on his celebrity friends! The first time I had an encounter with this makeup line was when I was in high school when I had my makeup done at their salon for my cousin's wedding. Fanny Serrano's salon in Quezon City of course uses their house brand on their clients. I remember the makeup artist putting on brown eyeshadow on me (that made me look old as I was just 15 then!) but I loved the lipcolor he used on me. It was a pomelo shade but I forgot to take note of the real name of the shade. Moving forward to the present time, I always see Fanny Serrano counters in department stores and have always been curious with their makeup. I have their eyelash curler (which I have been using for years!) and a tube of their lipstick which I'm gonna review here.

Fanny Serrano Moisturific Gold Lipstick is a collection of luxurious, glittering lipstick colors enriched with Vitamin E for smooth, moisture-rich application. The shade I have is in Plush Plum - a plum shade with flecks of silver glitters on it. It's my first plum lipstick as I normally use red lipstick (even during daytime). It's something radically different from the usual lip color I sport.

Plush Plum when worn alone (on broad daylight)

  • It gives a beautiful and rich color payoff.
  • It does not dry out my lips thanks to the Vitamin E in it.
  • It does not bleed or easily fade.
  • The price is reasonable for P299.00.

  • Its thick texture/formula makes it hard for the lipstick to glide on the lips during application so you have to use lip balm first.
  • I don't know if its just me, but the lipstick feels heavy on my lips.
  • It's glittery - not shimmery. Even after you wipe off this lipstick, small glittery residue are left on your lips.

I think this is a beautiful shade to use for a nighttime look. If it were less glittery, I'd like it more.

Here are the other shades available from their Moisturific Gold line:

Got this pic from their website

Will I repurchase? Probably not. I prefer non-shimmery lipsticks.
Price: P299.00
Available in all Fanny Serrano counters (in department stores nationwide).

Have you tried Fanny Serrano cosmetics? What do you like the most from their products? My favorite is their eyelash curler, which I'm going to review soon! :)



  1. you have pretty lips and this looks so gorgeous on you. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oooh. luscious lips. hahahaha! i'm not a big fan of FS lipsticks though, texture is a bit too grainy

  4. @Sugar: Thank you for the sweet comment! :)

    @Cindy: Thanks! :) Yeah, they're a bit grainy because of the glitters.

  5. My favorite products in the Fanny Serrano line are the eyebrow kit and their foundations. I used the foundation on a client and it stayed put the whole night.

  6. Wow! Which FS foundation did you use? :) I haven't tried their eyebrow kit, but they have nice makeups! I used to use eyebrow pencil but I don't know how to work it, so it always looks thick on me. I'm currently using the Chocolate Caviar brown eyeshadow (from the Bobbi Brown Pretty Palette) to fill in my brows.

  7. I once had a lipstick that's super glittery. i tossed it out after a few uses cause it doesn't really look good on me :/

  8. @Ann: What lipstick was that? I'm also not a fan of super glittery or shimmery lipsticks. I prefer those with a natural finish. :)

  9. i forgot the name na eh x)
    nude lipsticks are on the top of my must buys list !

  10. @Ann: It's okay. haha :) Nude lipsticks are cute and perfect for daytime or when paired with smokey-eyes.

  11. ohhh the lippie looks beautiful on you... and its very affordable. Will try this one next time :)

  12. @Rose: Thank you! Try Strawberry Sparkle, it's a cute pink shade. :)


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