Monday, March 14, 2011

Papemelroti Clip-On Earrings

My sister loves accessories very much! In fact, she owns an online jewelry store. One day, she brought home a little package...and it was for me! :D

I love Papemelroti's eco-friendly packaging.

It's a lovely pair of clip-on earrings!

You see, I get very excited whenever I see clip-on earrings because I have no ear piercings! It's not that I have not tried to get piercings. I have had them done twice (one with a doctor, another one in the mall) but the piercings always get irritated no matter how I clean them everyday. So I decided to not push it and just use this kind of earrings. I bought lots of them from Landmark Department Store and bazaars, but most of them make my earlobes hurt after a few hours. But not this one! I wore them all day, and it was not painful at all! When I go to Papemelroti, I will get some more. :)

Do you know any other place which sells these? Please let me know!



  1. i hope they make floral and mustache designs ! :D

  2. @Ann: They do have floral designs! :) I don't know about the mustache though, but that sounds so quirky! Do check out my new post, I got 2 more pairs of cute earrings!


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