Thursday, May 26, 2011

King Chef: Feast For A King

Last weekend my sister celebrated her birthday in King Chef. We've heard lots of rave reviews about it, and my family is so into this restaurant! My dad, mom, and sisters go here every Sunday for their dimsum fix during breakfast time, since they have promo rates 3 times a day! One order of their delicious dimsum goes for as low as P48.00 during their promo hours.

King Chef has a very nice ambiance. I like the clean interiors, and it's definitely a good place to spend with your family and friends. They have tables for small groups, round tables for families or big groups who wish to dine in, and also function rooms for events. My baby niece is actually going to celebrate her 1st birthday here in August! I'm so excited for her. :)

A common thing in most Chinese restaurants - pretty chandeliers!

Here's what we ordered:

Seafood with Spinach Soup
(S - P220.00, M - P330.00, L - 550.00)

Steamed Suahe
(Seasonal Price)

We always order Steamed Suahe (Shrimp) when we eat in Chinese restaurants, so this one was no exception. However, this order was a miss since it smelled off and malansa (with a stench/strong fishy smell). We had this recooked and this came back to us smelling like garlic, which was good since it was able to mask the strong smell of the seafood. We think the shrimp served was not fresh enough, but thumbs up to King Chef's crew for the quick response.

4 Kinds Hot Cuts Combination
(S - P420.00, M - P630.00, L - P1,050.00)

Since I'm not a huge fan of cold cuts or hot cuts (for that matter), I just tried a little bit of each. My favorite was the century egg!

Beef with Broccoli in Oyster Sauce
(S - P280.00, M - P420.00, L - P700.00)

The beef in this dish was so tender! I loved how the flavorful oyster sauce coated each piece of beef. The broccoli was also served just right - not too hard so I was easy to chew.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
(S - P190.00, M - P290.00, L - P480.00)

Since we sisters are such rice lovers (or rice monsters), we ordered this in large and finished it all up! Yang Chow Fried Rice is always present whenever we eat in Chinese restaurants.

Birthday Noodles
(S - P210.00, M - P315.00, L - P525.00)

Since it was my sister's birthday, we also had Birthday Noodles! We were all excited to dig in, until we tasted it. This order of Birthday Noodles smelled like the noodles have been stocked up for a long time before it was cooked. You'll know when the noodle smells and tastes old, and this was it. My mom, who's a good cook, took one bite and recognized it right away. We pointed it out to their staff, which they asked whether we would like to have this order recooked or replaced. We asked if it were possible to exchange the worth of the order for dessert (and would just add the additional cost if ever), but the one in charge told us that they would cancel the order, and give us our choice of dessert for free. We were surprised (in a good way) and impressed with their customer service. Something other restaurants must learn from King Chef.

Garlic Burst Spareribs
(S - P220.00, M - P330.00, L - P550.00)

Among all the dishes we ordered, this one was the best, by unanimous decision! We loved the garlic-y flavor, the crisp outer coating, and the juicy and tender meat! This one ought to be their bestsellers. It's that good, I promise!

Steamed Fish Fillet Garlic with Soy Sauce
(S - P260.00, M - P390.00, L - P650.00)

This steamed fish was so soft and tender, even my baby niece of 9 months got to eat and enjoy it. Actually, I don't like to eat fish (ever since a small piece of fish bone got stuck in my throat years ago), but I tasted this and yes, it is delicious!

Mango Sago
(S - P60.00, M - P360.00, L - P600.00)

My sister was craving for this from the time we entered this restaurant. It's cold, sweet, and perfect for our hot weather. The tapioca balls make this dessert more fun. Overall, this was good, but next time we would like to try King Chef's Mango Balls (which is not in their menu and was not available that day).

Even though some of their food were hits and misses that day, we'd still come back to King Chef because of their good service and friendly crew. We'll just order other dishes next time!

King Chef
989 Banawe Street, Quezon City (beside Starbucks Banawe)
(02) 410-4919

What's your favorite Chinese food? :)



  1. sounds new to me. i must give this place a try. :)

  2. oooohhlala!! the food looks sooo good and i bet they taste really good too! plus points for the reasonable price! :)

  3. @Sugar: This resto is quite new, it opened last June 2010 I think. It's worth the visit. :)

    @Iya: Aside from the Steamed Suahe and Birthday Noodles (which were off that day), the rest of the food were delicious. We did not order dimsum that day, but their dimsum is super yummy! Super sulit pa when you go there during promo hours. :)

  4. i love their fried rice !

    good thing we didn't have to deal with an annoying assistant manager.

  5. @Ann: I LOVE their fried rice too. Super yummy! And yeah, good thing their staff are nice, no annoying assistant manager. :>


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