Friday, May 6, 2011


Pizza - many of us have it as our comfort food! I like to try out different pizza chains to see which one best satisfies my cravings. Last week, my boyfriend and I went to Greenwich (SM City North EDSA - Main) for lunch. I love how Greenwich innovated itself through the years. I remember buying their Cheese Pizza (in Solo size) from their small kiosk when I was a kid. Now it has a vast menu of delectable pasta dishes, rice meals, yummier pizza, and desserts!

Here's what we ordered:

Greenwich Special Classic (Double @ P199.00)
- Pepperoni, beef, spiced ham, pineapple, mushroom, onion, and green bell pepper

Their Double sized pizza shrunk a bit, but the quality of the ingredients were not compromised. I thought this pizza was cheesier than the previous versions I have tried. We had the pineapple tidbits removed, and the staff was attentive enough to not forget this special instruction. Two thumbs up! This is my favorite pizza to date.

Jumbo Crunchy Chicken (P101.00)
- 1 pc. chicken, onion rings, java rice, and drink

The only thing that sets it apart from regular chicken meals is that it's served with java rice and onion rings. The onion rings were kind of cold upon serving. Don't eat this with pizza, as this meal will taste bland (because the pizza's saltiness will overpower it). But overall, this rice meal was good, too.

You may visit Greenwich's website to see their menu, and call their delivery hotline at 5-55-55 (for Metro Manila) to have their yummy pizza delivered to your doorstep!

What is your favorite pizza? :)



  1. Jumbo Crunchy Chicken (P101.00)
    - 1 pc. chicken, onion rings, java rice, and drink

    DOOD. chicken? check. onion rings? check. java rice? check! HOLY SHEEET. everything i could ever want in one package! it's so perfect <3


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