Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Vivian! :)

It's my sister's birthday today! Let's all greet her a happy birthday. :)

Dear Ate,

Happy birthday, Vivian! Here's a cake for you. :)

Red Ribbon Dulce de Leche
Heavenly layers of white chiffon cake with custard cream filling, enrobed in luscious sweetened milk and caramel icing. Wrapped in fine toasted chiffon crumbs and laden with a frosted caramel crystal layer: Gloriously crowned with white cream rosettes and chocolate spirals.

I hope you enjoy your day! Come home early so you could play with Daphne. :D



  1. Happy birthday ate ate! yehey! hahaha! but you should have bought the mocha crunch thingy. mas yummy yun ehhh

  2. Ate has another b-day cake from her younger sisters. :D


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