Monday, December 2, 2013

Easy Eyebrow Tutorial (Using Brown Eyeshadow)

During one of my bathroom breaks at the office, my colleague and I spent countless minutes of discussing our eyebrow dilemma: how to fill in the brows. That talk actually inspired me to do this post!

For this, you'll only need 2 things: a matte brown eyeshadow and an angled eyebrow brush. I was able to get my brush at Landmark Department Store for just P40.00, while the chocolate brown shadow I used was from The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette in Golden Brown. I've had this palette for 2 years already, and I've been using the chocolate brown shadow every single day since I got it. Still, it has no signs of hitting the pan anytime soon!

See the photos below as guide:

I have very sparse brows, so I find eyebrow powder more natural-looking compared to eyebrow pencil (which has the tendency to look harsh).

With | Without

I can leave home without makeup, but applying sunblock on my face and filling in my brows are the things I won't ever skip. Groomed brows makes me looked more polished instantly, even if the rest of my face is bare.

I hope this tutorial helps. Feel free to share with me your brow grooming tips below! :)



  1. Great tutorial and pics! I kind of do it that way too, except I draw my lines from the nose-side first. It makes the tail-ends look weird and random though! I'll try your method tomorrow. :D


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