Friday, December 27, 2013

Dark Chocolate Praline Macarons from The Pastry Company

Just this month, I had a new macaron discovery!

I actually haven't tried a lot of macaron brands, just Bizu and Tous les Jours, but I believe up-and-coming The Pastry Company will give them a good run for their money. (I'm telling you, they're that good. Even Priscilla Meirelles is a fan!)

This simple but lovely box of The Pastry Company macarons was our little box of happiness during the holiday season. My sisters and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Inside it were 3 rows of decadent Dark Chocolate Praline macarons, one of their newest flavors that was launched this month.

What's amazing about their macarons is how they've managed to perfect it's texture. The outer meringue shell is crisp, yet the inner parts are so soft, moist, and chewy. And just look at the dark chocolate filling - it's so thick and creamy! So good! ♥

The Pastry Company has other flavors such as Dark Chocolate Ganache, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Blueberry.

Box of 6: P240.00
Box of 12: P480.00
Box of 18: P700.00
Box of 24: P900.00

For orders, call 722-0407 or 09157040983, message them at their Facebook page, or send them an email at Orders are for pick-up only in Cubao, Quezon City.

Like The Pastry Company on Facebook for more information and updates on their products!



  1. ven't tried tou les jours. sarap naman.

    1. I like TLJ for their cakes and breads, but I'm not a huge fan of their macarons, sobrang konti kasi nung cream! :p

  2. Kill me now but I haven't tried any macarons yet. I'm not a big fan of sweets or pastries but I bet my sisters would love to try this since they're more of the sweet tooth than I am. Thanks for sharing, Helen! :D


    1. Oh my! Why o why, Gellie? Favorite ko pa naman lahat ng sweets and salty na food. (So bad for the health!) I'm sure your sis will like this! You're welcome. :D

  3. These look so good! I hope I could try these out. ^^ Thanks for sharing this Helen! ^^

    1. Hope you can try these out! You're welcome, Charlie! :)


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