Wednesday, December 11, 2013

KitKat Strawberry 12s for Only P200!

Part of Lucky Citrine's duties is to inform you readers of my unique KitKat sightings in the Philippines! :D Last time was about KitKat Green Tea being available in Landmark Supermarket in Trinoma.

Now, we have KitKat Strawberry! ♥

It was actually my sister who first informed me, so I had to go and see for myself! After work, I dropped by Daiso in Waltermart North EDSA and saw these!

It's located at the bottom shelf. Daiso usually have their products priced at P66.00. A pack of 12 KitKat Strawberry here costs P200.00, and it's the cheapest one I've seen being sold in Metro Manila (to date).

Of course, I lost control and hoarded some before you all go there finish up the stocks. Haha >:)

This pack is the limited edition "Thank You" KitKat, created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of KitKat's release in Japan.

感謝 means thank, gratitude

Each wrapper has different (Japanese) expressions of gratitude printed on front, and the back part has a blank part which you can write on. How fun! :)

Grab a pack or two before they run out!



  1. I am so going here!! Thanks for the info Helen.. :D

    1. You're welcome, Krisella! My friend informed me that this is also available in Landmark Supermarket, Trinoma for P230+ a pack. Not bad. :)

  2. OMG!!! I'm dying to try out the green tea kitkat I cant find them anywhere now this?? jelly! hehe

    1. If you're lucky you can find both KitKat Green Tea and Strawberry in Landmark Supermarkets! Lagi kasi out of stock! :)

  3. I actually saw this in Waltermart, then I kinda did a double take and the next thing I know, they're all gone. I wish I bought them the first time around.. ^^

    1. Ang bilis! Haha. Hope they restock. :)


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