Friday, December 20, 2013

KJI & Co. Lip Stayss in Baby Pink

My friend Robin knows I love lippies, so one day we did a mini-swap where I gave here cream blushes and she have me this! :D

KJI & Co. Lip Stayss in Baby Pink
Lasting Color & Moisturising Comfort

I believe this product became popular since its launch with Glamourbox early this year.

I love the cute packaging - it's black and pink!

About the product:
A semi-permanent lip balm made of natural hydrating & moisturising essences, lip plumping conditioners and gentle yet rich color to give you smooth, soft and inviting lips. Conditions and helps heal dry, cracked, dull lips to promote healthy, attractive lips.

Lightweight buttery formula glides over lips smoothly to impart layers of luscious color exuding a natural appeal, with each layer intensifying the color. Doesn’t bleed, feather or rub off and lasts up to 4 hours -- 50% longer than conventional lipsticks. Non-waxy or heavy so you won’t even notice you have it on.

Available in 3 colors : Baby Pink, Seductress (Dark Pink), Dolly Blush (Light Coral)

Made in Japan


The shade I have is Baby Pink. While I expected it to have a pink tint, or at least turn slightly pink on me (just like LipIce Sheer Color), it didn't. It remained the same and went on just like a normal lip balm.

  • The outer packaging was cute and girly, while the actual lip balm packaging was sleek.
  • It had that "melts on your mouth" buttery texture as you glide it on.
  • The moisturizing feel stays on longer than other lip balms.
  • It does not feel waxy or oily.
  • It's available in 3 shades.

  • It had no ingredients list and manufacturing/expiry date indicated on the packaging.
  • It has no SPF.
  • The shade I got wasn't tinted, even just a bit.
  • It's not readily available in the Philippines (as of today).

  • I wasn't really able to notice it's staying power against bleeding or feathering since this shade isn't tinted.

Price: RM26.80

Since it's not tinted, I'm using this as my night lip balm. I'd love to know, what's your current go-to lip balm?



  1. I have this and I was wondering about the semi permanent part kasi wala naman kulay!


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