Monday, October 29, 2012

Spa Mani & Pedi at Get Polished!

There's always a first time for everything. I am actually one of those who are squeamish about having others touch my nails. All the horror stories I've heard about manicures and pedicures gone wrong were enough to keep me from even wanting to try it out for myself. Then, on my first trip to Get Polished! Nail Spa in Timog where I had just my legs waxed, I saw how nice my friend's pedicure was. No bloody or achy toes, just perfectly polished toes! Opportunity presented itself when Rachel, the owner of Get Polished!, invited me over to avail the GP Spa Mani and Spa Pedi.

I went back to Get Polished! in Timog on a Tuesday morning, where I had the place all to myself. (This nail spa is packed during weekends!) Rows of soft mint green couches promised good pampering and relaxation, but I was automatically lured to their colorful nail polish wall.

Get Polished! has an extensive range of colors from imported nail polish brands such as Color Club, Zoya, OPI, China Glaze, and Essie! It was so hard to choose, so I asked help from one of their friendly attendants, Marjorie. She picked out a nice cherry red shade from China Glaze for me because I asked for a shade that would fit my skintone and make my hands and feet look fairer.

Get Polished! Peach & Ginseng Salt Scrub
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Sneaker Head

Since I was going to try their Spa Mani and Spa Pedi, I had to choose a salt scrub from their six different fruity variants. I picked Peach & Ginseng because it smelled so good (and because it's pink).

One noteworthy thing I noticed is that this nail spa gives high regards for hygiene and safety. Not only is the place clean, but they also use this sterilizer for their tools.

I was going to try the GP Spa Mani (P275.00) and GP Spa Pedi (P350.00). These services include a luxurious soak, exfoliation using aromatic salt scrub, and choice of imported polish.

Hand Soak

Foot Soak

I had the hand and foot soak before they started to scrub my hands and feet. (No pictures because my hands had salt scrub on them.) I loved the scent of the Peach & Ginseng scrub. I'm a fan of sweet and fruity scents, and this one is very pleasing to the senses. They scrubbed my hands, arms, and lower legs, and filed my feet. It was my first time to have my feet filed. I was actually scared with the file, especially when I saw dead skin falling of! I felt a slight sting while filing, but I let it be. I should have mentioned it, as a spot near my left pinky toe got a small blister from too much filing. They put medicine on it right after. (It's almost healed now, in less than a week.) The result of the scrub? Softer, smoother, and fairer hands and feet!

After that, my nails were trimmed short and square (just the way I like it). I particularly asked for them not to cut my cuticles, but some dry parts had to be removed using a nipper for the polish to look even. The attendants of Get Polished! made applying nail polish look so easy. I wish I could also do perfect nail polish at home.

Another thing I liked about this nail spa is that they have a hand/foot dryer! You basically place your hands/feet on it and it dries your nail polish in a few minutes.

Now for the big reveal on how my first mani/pedi went! This shade I had on my fingers and toes was Sneaker Head from China Glaze.

I loved the result and how the red complemented my pale skin. It's perfect! Because of Get Polished!, I'm not scared of getting my nails done anymore. (But I won't be getting any foot file next time, just polish!) It's amazing how red nails (or just beautifully groomed nails) instantly ups your confidence and makes you feel like a lady all over.

Get Polished will sponsor a giveaway here on my blog - with Color Club and Zoya goodies up for grabs! Watch out for that on November (in short, in just a few days!). For now, please like Get Polished! Nail Spa on Facebook. :)


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