Saturday, October 20, 2012

Have Fun With Your Make-Up, With The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex!

The Face Shop invited a couple of beauty and fashion bloggers to an exclusive event featuring their Lovely Me:ex make-up range. This line caters to teens and young professionals who want to experiment and play with different beauty looks. As they say, we don't have to look the same way twice with Lovely Me:ex!

The bloggers' party and make-up workshop's venue was in T.G.I. Fridays in Glorietta 3. I went to the event alone, hoping to see a familiar face, and I saw Sam and Gen-zel outside the restaurant! Yey!

I'm so happy to have the chance to bond with fellow beauty bloggers Gen-zel and Sam, and fashion blogger Cheyser. I also got to see Nika and Mikki there. (Make sure to drop by their blogs, too!)

Before the event started, we were treated to a sumptuous meal by T.G.I. Fridays. I only had a sandwich for lunch, so I ate this much! Everything was really good, even the salad. (And I don't even like vegetables to begin with.) But of course, this was not my favorite part of the event. Haha!

While eating, we were made to choose a cute bracelet with mustache. Naturally, I got the pink one!

We were then briefed on how the event will go about. There were several models and the bloggers would be the one to direct the make-up look that we would like to achieve using the Lovely Me:ex products. There were also a dedicated team of make-up artists from The Face Shop who would then execute our ideas, but we could also opt to do the make-up by ourselves.

Sam and I were partners during the activity - the pink bracelet was mine, and the purple one was hers. We were handed a clear book filled with workshop pegs. It was full of Korean-inspired looks, mainly with very clean and fresh makeup looks. Every picture was so pretty so it was hard to choose a peg!

Each model were prepped in this workstation, which I wish we had at home!

Of course, we used products from the Lovely Me:ex make-up range!

The final look we chose for our model was lilac/brown lids with pink cheeks and lips. We also had her hair in an updo. The peg was sweet, fresh, and pretty.

Here's our model, Claudine Custodio, getting all dolled up! Claudine is a Fine Arts student from UST. Even at her young age, I think she's a pro when it comes to modeling and that she has the nicest smile!

This is her finished look. Gorgeous, right?

These were the lovely models who got their makeovers during the event. The one on the extreme left side is Monalyn Luna, The Face Shop Philippines' Top Girl. She's the brand ambassador of The Face Shop for a year.

After the makeovers, we were given GCs so we could shop for our favorite products at The Face Shop. I love how their store in Glorietta was so neat and well-lit. They also had more complete stocks compared to their other branches.

The Face Shop has all your beauty needs covered from head (hair) to toe, literally! Aside from their famous make-up products, they also carry hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, and masks; skin care products for your every skin concern, and body care items like bath gels and lotions. My favorite would still have to be their make-up!

Ironic how I used to love painting my nails way back when I wasn't blogging yet, but now, even being the kikay girl that I am, have not put on nail polish for years! The Face Shop was one of my first nail polish loves, since they're so affordable and the quality is really good. Plus, you can't beat the shades that they carry. See the rainbow-colored shelf there?

This I think is my favorite part of the store! It's a big wall filled with their best-selling skincare and makeup products (including the Lovely Me:ex line), all marked-down to a better price!

I also particularly loved this 4 Minute Smoky Kit, which has everything you need for the perfect smoky eyes look! This set is perfect for the holiday season and beyond.

What I love about the Lovely Me:ex line is that not only is it affordable as they have marked-down the prices of their best-selling items to make it more "reachable" to their target market, but also because of the following features:
  • Fun colors
  • Fuss-free formulas
  • Funky packaging

Here's a preview on some of the products from the Lovely Me:ex range, but I will write about the complete range in another post.

Lovely Me:ex Style My Eyebrow (P150.00)

Lovely Me:ex You & Face (P295.00)

Lovely Me:ex I Love Pure Color (P295.00)

Lovely Me:ex Enamel Jelly Tint (P355.00)

Sam and Gen-zel were already done with their shopping, but I had a hard time choosing which one to get because I wanted everything. So greedy! Haha!

I ended up choosing a couple of eye shadows, a blush, a lip palette, and a lip and cheek tint!

We had fun with Lovely Me:ex!

Thank you, The Face Shop, for inviting me to this fabulous event! Meet Marketing Assistant Annpat Santos, Brand Manager Keti Maderazo, and Training Mangaer and Chief Makeup Artist Marge Apacible - the lovely ladies of The Face Shop!

Inside my loot:
Lovely Me:ex Aqua Tint in Juicy Red (P295.00)
Color-full Lip Palette 01 (P425.00)
Lovely Me:ex You & Eyes in 05 Sand Brown (P245.00)
Lovely Me:ex You & Eyes in 23 Toast (P245.00)
Lovely Me:ex You & Face Blusher in 07 Pink Peach (P295.00)  
Like Thefaceshop Phils on Facebook for more information, and stay tuned for my upcoming reviews! :)



  1. AHH! You got to meet Cheyz! hahaha <3 Love her blog <33

    1. Haha! Fan mode! :) I read her blog too!

  2. The blusher's packaging is so cute. Ohhh well, what else can you expect from Koreans? I love the bracelet with mustache!!!

    ~ Sweetstrings

    1. You're right! Korean makeup are super cute! Glad to know that TFS now sells them at a lower price. :)

  3. interesting make-up product..hhmmm i'll try it out one of this days :)

    1. Yey! Try the Lovely Me:ex You & Eyes - 19 shades eyeshadows from rainbow colors to the more neutral ones.

  4. I loved reading about this event :) You look so pretty Helen! :) I am super curious regarding the products ah, can't wait to try them!

    The Misty Mom

    1. Thank you, but you look prettier, Shari! Haha :) I'm really liking the Lovely Me:ex line from TFS, it's worth a visit the next time you're at the mall.


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