Monday, October 8, 2012

Get Polished! Nail Spa in Timog

I always go the DIY route when it comes to primping and pampering, but it's always nice to let the pros handle your nail and hair concerns every once in a while! My friends and I wanted some girl-bonding and pampering session, so we went to Get Polished! Nail Spa in Timog.

I actually have a confession to make - I have never had my nails done by anyone except for myself. I'm not even really fond of applying nail polish, though I find the colors really pretty, especially red! I'm more vain however when it comes to hair - I want every strand of unwanted hair zapped off my body, so my main purpose of going to Get Polished was to get my legs waxed, while my friends had a foot spa and pedicure.

Upon entering Get Polished!, we were greeted with these colorful bottles of all imported nail polish from brands such as China Glaze, Essie, OPI, Zoya, Color Club, etc! Believe me, they had a hard time choosing what shade to get. Everything is just gorgeous!

They also go gel manicures - these stay on vibrant and chip-free for up to 2 weeks!

Get Polished! also carries their own aromatic salt scrubs in different fruity variants, perfect for their hand and foot spa services.

The whole place is painted in pastel lavender walls with mint green couches that are perfect for lounging. The colors and pretty relaxing, and the place is clean and well-kept.

My friend had a Foot Spa (P250.00), which started out with a foot soak, then cleaning, buffing away of the dead skin cells, and massage. No pictures of the finished product as my friend was shy, but her feet were definitely baby soft afterwards. (Yes, I touched it. Haha!)

My other friend had a Classic Pedi (P200.00), which was composed of cleaning and buffing, ending with her choice of imported polish. She was choosing between these 3 red shades from China Glaze, which were all so pretty.

But she ended up getting a neutral shade, which looked equally nice and clean.

The shade used here was OPI Nail Lacquer in Barefoot in Barcelona.

Finally, it was my turn! This Half Leg Wax (P350.00) session was long overdue, but it's okay since I don't really have bushy legs to begin with. I just wanted it to look smoother and silkier!

I wasn't able to take a picture of it, but Get Polished! had a semi-private cubicle with one waxing bed. While I was okay with that since I was just going for a leg wax, I can't imagine someone getting a Bikini/Brazilian/Spinx wax there, because the people on the couches could hear if you say "ouch" or anything else. I prefer more private places for those kinds of treatments.

First step was prepping my skin with these. I think that the hand sanitizer was for the waxing therapist, while the pre-base gel was used on my skin prior to waxing.

Get Polished! had different types of waxes, but the one they used on me was the Starpil one.

This was plugged so that the wax was heated. Once the wax reached the desired warm temperature texture, the applicator was rolled on my legs, section by section. 

Then a piece of cloth was placed over the wax, then pulled away from my skin. Off comes the hair and dead skin cells. It wasn't painful in any way. In fact, it felt ticklish. Maybe I just have high tolerance for pain.

Look at the difference of my skintone below with the waxed and unwaxed part. The unwaxed part looked grayish, even if I scrubbed it the day before. The waxed part exposed a fresh layer of skin without hair. Amazing!

After all the wax has been removed, they applied a soothing cream on my skin to moisturize and protect it. I was advised to not wet the freshly waxed skin for 24 hours, and scrub it after about 3 days so I won't get ingrown hair.

The result: silky smooth and shiny legs! I love how my skin felt and looked like after the wax. Because it's hair free and exfoliated, it appears lighter and brighter. And when moisturized, it's so shiny that it can reflect light. Haha! I could get addicted to this, since I wear a skirt to work almost everyday.

I've had this waxing done 2 weeks ago, and I've gotten zero irritations from it. So far, I can see tiny hairs sprouting, but it's no biggie since they're hardly noticeable. I can always go back to Get Polished! for my waxing needs.

Here's a list of their services, in case you'd like to try them out!

My friends and I were satisfied with the services we availed. I think they'll try out waxing too the next time around!

Get Polished! Nail Spa
38 AC Building Mezzanine, Sct. Ybardolaza St. Timog, Quezon City
Tel. No. +63 2 4092235
Cellphone No. +639175779494
Operating Hours: 10AM to 9PM Daily

For more information, visit their website and like Get Polished! Nail Spa on Facebook.



  1. wow! love it sis!

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  2. their prices are a bit high but the services are more or less similar to Hollywood Nails... But I just love the range of High End Nail Polishes they Have... definitely a great way to pamper yourself.

    1. That is exactly why I almost always DIY my nails and hair. Haha :D Their nail polish range was pretty impressive!

  3. I rarely get a pedi coz I get ticklish when other people touch my feet. =) The place looks relaxing. =) Looked like you had a good time.

    1. I feel exactly the same way! I fear that I might kick the person who touches my feet. Haha!

  4. This is my favorite nail spa :) i love the scents of their scrubs. I haven't tried their waxing services since I usually go to laybare which is right above Get Polished :)

    ~Jenna from

    1. Try their waxing service too. I think it's more hygienic here because they don't rub the same piece of wax on your skin over and over again. :p

  5. Lovely !

  6. Hello Helen,

    Get Polished would like to tie-up with you and provide you with Color Club nail lacquer give-aways ( 2 sets of Zoya nail polish and lip gloss and 1 set of Color Club lacquers).

    Let me know :)


    PS- pm in FB.

    1. Oh wow! I would love to have that tie-up with you. Will send you a message on Facebook. :)

    2. I had a complaint posted on their FB and followed it up through Messenger and they blocked me. This complaint is at their Robinson's Las Pinas branch. They cut my nails too short and made it bluntly square which did not suit my fingertips. They also have poor customer service, they do not like answering product/service related questions and it's as if it's pain for them to entertain questions. This happened just today (March 19, 2016).


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