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Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I love reading but I seldom buy books, because I feel like they are a waste once I have finished reading them. Way back in college, I borrowed novels (and not school books) from our library. One of my favorite books was The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, and I can't believe I got to read it for free. (Thanks, library!) That's one of the things I miss from my college days. But then, there is this one book that I felt I just had to get, despite its hefty price tag, and it's the bestselling Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. I love playing with makeup, and while I still can't afford the tuition fee of a professional makeup school, I went for the more affordable alternative which could hopefully help me sharpen my makeup application skill.

About Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual:

Bobbi's 25+ years of makeup artist experience is distilled into one volume that includes over 200 full-color photos and step-by-step instructions as well as a "Ten Step Guide to Perfect Makeup" that teaches you how to apply your makeup in ten minutes or less.

Packed with all the tricks of the trade, this book also offers a unique guide for aspiring makeup artists: how to break into the business, put together a portfolio, book work, and work with photographers, magazine editors, fashion designers, & celebrities. (Hardcover, 221 pg.)

This book was launched way back in 2009, and I am wondering why I did not buy it sooner. I covered it in plastic as soon as I got it so it will look good as new!

The first page greeted me with fancy, colorful makeup and I knew that I was going to have fun reading this book.

Makeup Kits

These tips on which makeup to put in your home makeup, everyday bag, evening bag, office drawer, gym bag, and for travel. From the tips I read, I bought small jars to put my skincare samples in (because sachets are messy). I also want to get the facial wipes for travel or for when I am too tired to wash my face.

Tools Guide

This portion described every makeup brush you could think of (and some which I did not knew existed) and the purpose of each brush. Before, I would think that natural brushes were better than synthetic ones, but then I found out that natural and synthetic brushes each have their pros and cons. I learned that powder-based products work better with natural bristles since it blends products more evenly. Creamy products work better with synthetic brushes since they are stiffer than natural bristles and therefore provide more control.

Expiration Dates of Cosmetics

While some products have expiration dates marked, others don't. This is a handy guide on the approximate shelf life of cosmetics.

This part of the book focused on the science and importance of skin care.
It sees the importance of caring for the skin from within. After all, skin care is more important than makeup. The healthier your skin is, the less makeup you'd need.

As for makeup, this book also tackled on choosing the right type and shade of foundation for your skin, and detailed tips on applying makeup for the brows, eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Here's a sample of their step by step guide to applying makeup. I appreciate the fact that they included specific and separate techniques for Asian brows and eyes.

The Beauty of Diversity


Powder Blush Application | Cream & Gel Blush Application

Guide for Selecting Lip Color

Asian Eye Shadow Application

Ten-Step Guide to Perfect Makeup

Bridal Makeup

I find bridal makeup particularly interesting. It has to be clean and it has to emphasize the natural beauty of the brides on their big day. It has to last all day, too.

Special-Occasion Makeup

Makeup for Teens

Ageless Beauty

Finding Inspiration

Professional Makeup Kit

The Fun Kit

Creative Makeup Looks by Gail Hadani & Paul Innis

Makeup for Magazines

Geisha Look

Memorable Makeup Moments & Legends | Who's Who in Makeup


What I Love About It:
  • This book really did not skimp on beautiful, full-color illustrations.
  • The step-by-step guide for makeup application on each part of the face was accompanied with pictures to make it easier to understand.
  • It's a very inspiring read. Reading it makes me want to play with makeup!
  • This book is not hard-sell on Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. It aimed to educate, not to sell their products.

What I Don't Like About It:

  • While there were several looks presented in this makeup book, I was expecting more, like pegs of different makeup looks and tutorials we could cop and wear on a normal day. The looks presented here were either just the finished natural look or the highly creative look (for runways/high fashion shoots).
  • A guide on which particular makeup shade goes with what could help. Example: mango lips go with gold eye shadow and bronze cheeks; orchid pink lipstick goes with mascara and black eyeliner, etc. (I've seen this in Allure magazine, and it is really helpful!)
  • Sometimes, the tips mentioned in the book contradicted with each other. Like "put dark shadow on the crease" for the smokey-eye look, but when it came to Asian eyeshadow application, dark shadow on the crease is a no-no. After reading the book, I still don't know how do the right smokey-eye look. (Practice, practice!)

I think Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is good for beginners. It provides a crash course of makeup 101 for those who are clueless with skincare and makeup. For beauty addicts and pros, this book might not be much of a help, even it it says that this book is "For Everyone from Beginner to Pro".
However, I do not regret purchasing this book because the tips here are timeless.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (P1,235.00) is available in leading book stores nationwide.

Do you also read makeup books? Which one do you recommend?



  1. The book looks interesting enough that I decided to purchase one soon.

    Thanks for sharing the book :)

  2. @Ahne: I hope you will enjoy it! Thanks for reading. :)

  3. I agree with the first comment, this book looks interesting. ;) Good luck on your makeup study :D

  4. thanks for the review dear! i think i'm the only blogger who doesn't own any makeup books LOL! :D

  5. This kind of book always makes me curious and want me to by it everytime I'm in bookstores like national and powerbooks XD

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Parang gusto ko din tuloy bumili haha...

  7. @Charlene: Thanks dear! :)

    @Sugar: Haha! That's okay. Many beauty bloggers/youtube gurus post very helpful tutorials which we all can learn from. :D

    @Onika: Me too. I love it when I find an unsealed copy. I browse it until I have absorbed the info inside. Haha! :D

    @Noey: Eh magaling ka na mag makeup e! :)

  8. I always saw this book in National Bookstore in Rockwell, I wanted to buy it too but it a little bit expensive. Anyway thanks for sharing at least I have an idea what it is look in the inside or what contain it :) tc

  9. @Glenn: You're welcome. I was convinced to buy this when I saw the page previews from other blogs! HWala kasing unsealed copies sa NBS e. Hehe! Sometimes, NBS also goes on sale like 20% off on imported books, so P900+ nalang to pag nakasale. :)

  10. yan pala ung sinasabi mo! parang i like! hehehe

  11. @Jessica: Hehe! It's nice! May ibang books din si Bobbi Brown pero feel ko ito pinaka okay. :)


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