Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are you a TreeHugger?

I've found the perfect partner for my future BDJ planner, and they are TreeHugger pens! What makes them so very special is that they are super friendly and caring to the environment.

TreeHugger "I Was A Newspaper" Pencil
TreeHugger GelFriend Pen
TreeHugger 2-in-1 Highlighter Pens

My favorite from the set is the yellow Highlighter Pen. The whole time I was in college, I only used yellow highlighter and black pen - no other color for my notes! I'm OC that way. TreeHugger pens are 95% Earth-friendly. The pencil is made of old newspapers. The barrel of the pen is made of recycled carton, and the plastic part of of pen is made of corn! Amazing! :)

The world needs saving, and I am doing my part. You can too! Every pen sold contributes to the reforstation of the Philippine forests through Haribon Foundation's Give A Gift Tree drive.

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  1. I truly love what TreeHugger stands for, we should all support something great that helps the environment as well. Great posting Helen! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  2. I have the newspaper pencils! I agree that this is a really cool concept that the whole world needs to get in on. =))

    BTW, thanks for liking the page and accepting the awards here: http://thenarcissusproject.blogspot.com/2011/10/facebook-page-and-awards.html

  3. @Mar: Thanks dear! :)

    @Jackie: Yes, the environment is really an important cause to stand for. Without it, everything would cease to survive. Thanks also for the award. :)


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