Sunday, October 9, 2011


Last Friday night, my girl friends and I decided to dine in Trinoma. The original restaurant we wanted to go to was packed, so we went to SumoSam instead since they had lots of empty seats and we were already hungry. This Japanese restaurant has a nice and cozy ambiance. However, if you haven't tried this restaurant yet, I'll do you a favor and tell you to go eat somewhere else. They give small servings with a big price. No kidding.

House Tea (Free)

A few minutes after being seated, we were served with their House Tea. I believe this was bottomless, but we never got a refill. It's okay, it tasted bland (like warm water) anyway.

Las Vegas Roll (P248.00)

We all liked this sushi; it had LOTS of cheese on it. However, it's still pricey for its size.

We ordered some dishes from the "Rikishi Grill" category in the menu.

Rikishi or "strong man" is the term used for men training in Sumo. These grilled plates will satisfy any Sumo wrestler-to-be.

Wow, that was enticing. So it meant that the dishes would be filling, since I expect Sumo wrestlers to have a big appetite. I'm no Sumo wrestler myself, but I think my appetite could match theirs.

Mt. Fuji Steak (P368.00)
Tenderloin with Tri-mushroom demiglace

I was relieved that this was served with separate sauce. (I hate all types of sauce.) We were quite shocked when this was served to our table - 3 small pieces of meat for that price? It looked bigger on the menu, but pictures can be deceiving.

P400.00 for this (with service charge). I could have eaten this all and still be left with a growling stomach. :| This mini steak tasted so-so, nothing really special with it.

Pepper Crusted Chicken (P218.00)
Served with rice, fries, or linguini

You be the judge to see if this dish is worth its price.

Another mini-dish. I think they must label their dishes "For Kids". This chicken tasted okay. I liked the herbed butter; it was fun to spread it around the meat and watch it melt, but that's about it.

Salmon Tartar Fry (P319.00)

The fish was kind of bland and it could not survive without the sauce.

Gohan (P88.00)

Best part of all, a single serving of plain rice costs almost P100.00.

(Prices were inclusive of VAT, but exclusive of 10% service charge)

Though I am not a fan of Japanese cuisine, I've tried other restaurants before and they were good. This one is not. The prices were a rip-off, or maybe we just ordered the wrong stuff from their menu. For a dinner worth over a thousand pesos, we weren't completely satisfied and our tummies were not full. For sure, we won't be back. If it were not for great company, this dinner would have sucked.

So there, do yourself a favor and go eat somewhere else. XD



  1. Hi, visiting from Pinoy Bloggers! Btw, I'm your newest follower. Hope you can follow me back thru GFC. Thanks and more power to your blog!

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    Bec of

  2. I havent been to Sumo Sam before. But Ive been to John and Yoko and the food was good (but then, my last visit was 2009. Sister company niya yun (Owned by Marvin Agustin :))

  3. oh i have not tried to dine here yet :) nice post ;)
    New follower ^^

  4. haha if you want japanese, try Mogu in Serendra.. Kinda pricey but super worth it! Lahat ng inorder ko, sobrang sarap!

  5. @Bec: Thanks so much for visiting! I followed you back. :)

    @Ria: I haven't tried John and Yoko, but glad that you had a nice experience there. For SumoSam, sayang pera!

    @Amz: Thank you for dropping by! I followed you back. :)

    @Noey: Ang layo naman. :)) Pero kung ikaw nagsabi na masarap yun, sure na okay! See you soon. :D

  6. Hi Helen thanks for sharing this. SumoSam food were expensive specially the plain rice.

  7. @Glenn: Too overpriced right? Thanks for reading!


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