Friday, September 30, 2011

With Lipton, the PossibiliTEAS are Endless!

As a kid, I would watch my Grandma prepare tea for my Dad and my uncles every Sunday. She would make it the traditional way, like boil a kettle of water, scoop tea leaves from a jar, and then later filter those tea leaves before serving. It was their habit to drink tea at home every Sunday because that's the only time they get to just stay home and relax from work. Fast forward to today: I'm glad that now we have the convenience of having tea anytime, anywhere we could possibly want.

Lipton Yellow Label Tea is made from 100% tea leaves so you get natural tea goodness every time. One great quality of this tea is that it contains Theanine (which is naturally contained in black tea leaves). Theanine helps bring you a relaxed state of mind.

Whenever you feel stuck and need to feel relaxed and alert, choose tea instead to freshen your mind and body!

Bring along these small tea bags for instant refreshments!

One cold and rainy afternoon, I was stuck at home and suddenly HIRAMEKI came across me. The word "HIRAMEKI" means "Get inspired". I got it from Lipton's box. XD So I decided to make my own blend of milk tea!

STEP 1: On a cup of boiled water, add the Lipton tea bag and let it brew for 3 to 5 minutes. Personally, I prefer having it brewed for 3 minutes so the taste won't be so strong.

Remove the tea bag before the next step. Old tea bags can be used as a deodorizer for the refrigerator.

STEP 2: Add milk or creamer. The recommended amount would be 1/4 cup of milk, but this depends on your taste. You can add more if you like! (I added the milk first before sugar because I might overdo the sugar, and I prefer more milk than sugar.)

STEP 3: Add sugar to taste. Make sure to stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Now we're done! Cheers to homemade milk tea! I added butter cookies on the side, too.

I admit, I am not so creative when it comes to DIY stuff. I prefer taking things as they originally are. Before, if you give me a tea bag, I would have just used it alone. Not this time though, because with Lipton, the possibiliTEAS are endless!

Have you had tea today? Try making your own blend of milk tea (or fruit tea)! Like Lipton Philippines on Facebook for more recipes. :)



  1. Ang cute ng tea cup mo girl.

    btw. i tagged you

  2. @Jade: Thank you! The cup was a birthday gift. Normally I don't like getting mugs as gifts but this one made me smile. :> Thanks for tagging me! I'll check out your post!

    @Sugar: Me too! Try this homemade version. If you like, you may add condensed milk instead of fresh milk to make it a "Hong Kong Style Milk Tea". ;)

  3. i also love drinking tea, have to replenish my stocks though..

    i also make milk tea like yours. :)
    but i use honey instead of sugar.

    i love your cup, btw!

  4. @Belle: Yey! I haven't tried putting honey on my tea. Thanks for liking the ice cream cup! :)


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