Monday, October 24, 2011

Skin Cravings Scrub Me Pretty Body Scrub in Cranberry Yoghurt

Being the fan of body care products that I am, I have body scrub as part of my weekly routine. This serves as my pampering me-time, and I always love the result: soft, smooth, and more even skin tone. This Skin Cravings Scrub Me Pretty set was part of the prizes I won from their Facebook contest last month. You may read about it here.

Skin Cravings Scrub Me Pretty Body Scrubs exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter skin underneath. It is available in 3 variants: Strawberry Yoghurt, Cranberry Yoghurt, and Dewberry Yoghurt.

The first bottle I tried and will review is Cranberry Yoghurt.

The Ingredients:

The Packaging:

  • I love the design, it's very cute and it looks like a bottle of dairy product.
  • It comes in a bottle with a wide mouth opening, so its kind of hard to control the amount of product that will come out. It's prone to product wastage.
  • However, this packaging is better than a jar or pot since it's more sanitary this way.

The Product:

  • The scent is absolutely delectable. It has enough sweetness plus the tang of real yogurt. Try hard not to taste it!
  • It leaves a lingering scent on my skin and in the bathroom long after I have finished taking a bath using this.
  • I feel that it is more creamy and moisturizing than exfoliating.
  • I was quite disappointed with the "scrubs". See the small white/clear and red dots on the swatch above? They are synthetic beads that do not melt or dissolve on your skin. They stay like that even until they go down the drain, which may likely harm marine life when they ingest it.
  • However, synthetic beads and scrubs won't be too abrasive on the skin because they are round and not irregular shaped (e.g. crushed natural ingredients).
  • This scrub does not dry the skin out.

The Price: P255.00 for 300ml

Available at Landmark, Rustan's, and Shopwise.

Have you tried Skin Cravings? :)



  1. I saw this in PCX, i think. I was curious but I'm still on lulur, so I didn't get this product muna. Is this good?

  2. @Gie: Yes, saw these in PCX too. For its price, this product is worth it. But don't expect the scrubs to be very potent. This just gives mild exfoliation. :)

  3. Hi Helen, I've never tried this product yet, but it looks interesting, almost like real yoghurt, hahaha, it seems tempting to taste too! - Mar

  4. @Mar: My dad thought it was real yogurt! Haha! It smells absolutely delicious too. :)

  5. woah, i always love anything milk and yoghurt. LOL. i want to eat them everytime even if they're skin products. Hehehe particularly this one, from its looks on the picture. it looks like real yoghurt!

    and you're really lucky! winning stuffs every now and then. Hehehe

  6. @Charlene: It looks and smells like the real thing! :) Hehe! You should join too if there are contests. They're fun! :D

  7. yep, i join too, but i seldom win. HEHEHE :D

  8. nice review :) I've seen this in greenbelt, and I want to try it as well, it also looks yummy!!! :)

  9. @Onika: Thank you. :) I feel like strawberry will smell yummier than cranberry. But I have't tried that yet. :D

  10. Is it still available now? Looks yummy on the skin and nose!:))

    1. I think these products are phased out already. :(


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