Sunday, September 4, 2011

Forever 21 Accessories

Is it just me, or is really difficult to choose clothes in Forever 21? I've been trying to find the top or dress that I would fall in love with and buy, but until now I haven't. I've seen decent tops but they cost over a thousand pesos. On my last shopping trip there, I got 2 tank tops (one in taupe and the other one in teal, which is so handy for lazy days and for layering) plus a few accessories. Other than that, it' so hard to find my size there because I'm either an XS or S (and they're almost always gone), and most clothes there are too pricey for my taste. Except for some cutie skirts I've seen a while ago that costs only P500+, which I'm gonna get next time! :)

Here are the accessories that I got:

Burnished Gold Necklace (P245.00)

This one is so pretty! I don't usually buy necklaces; all the accessories I ever wear is my silver ring and citrine bracelet (both of which I never remove) plus the occasional clip-on earrings (since I don't have pierced ears). I just had to get it because I can use this to jazz up simple outfits.

Brown Animal Print Square Sunglasses (regular price P365.00, sale price P255.50)

They were on sale last August, but I'm not sure if they are still on sale now. Sunglasses were at 30% off. I got this one since you wouldn't know when your next beach trip might be! :D

That's all for now! I hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. The necklace you got's so cuute! :D
    Achie Helen, why don't you get your ears pierced? O: hahaha :)

  2. @Nades: Thank you! I had my ears pierced twice before, but they always get irritated and won't heal. :( Poor ears. Haha!

  3. Forever 21's accesories are cute and adorable :) but for me, it's kinda expensive :P

  4. @Onika: Agree! Everything's expensive there. Haha

  5. the only thing I like in Forever 21 is the accesories, bags and shoes ;D there is something about they're clothing that I don't like :(

  6. @Onika: I also like their makeup, I find them interesting though I haven't tried them yet. But with clothes, I seem to get lost in the store not knowing which one to try.


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