Friday, September 23, 2011

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Workshop + Love Your Body Membership Upgrade

Last night, I went to The Body Shop's Love Your Body Workshop. I've been waiting for this since they launched their Extra Virgin Minerals Line just last week. I was not able to attend the launch last Saturday in SM The Block, so I had to attend this workshop to experience the latest makeup from The Body Shop. I went there together with my friend from elementary class (I think it was way back from Grade 4), Jessica! We finally got to see each other after x number of years. So yeah, we had a reunion in The Body Shop!

Good thing I got there early! I was able to settle down and take some pictures of their display in store.

Their new window display showcased the latest mineral makeup range, the Extra Virgin Minerals.

The Body Shop is also offering a bigger and better Love Your Body Rewards Programme. Visit their stores now for a free upgrade of your Love Your Body membership! See more details at the end of my post.

The new Extra Virgin Minerals line is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and acne-prone skin. There are 3 products in this line of mineral makeup, with 8 shades for each type of foundation.

Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15

"Created from a unique blend of 100% ultra-fine, ultra-pure mineral pigments and 100% Community Fair Trade Italian cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, this foundation blends on like a cream and miraculously transforms to a light-weight matte finish to give a medium to full coverage."

This one intrigued me the most! I was always hesitant to use mineral makeup in its loose powder form because I find it messy. I guess this is the answer to my woes! It's a creamy foundation that comes in a compact form, and it includes a perfectly shaped brush that glides effortlessly to give an immaculate and matte finish. My first impression on this is that it looked kind of oily in it's pan (and I have oily skin), but when I did a swatch on my hand, it turned to a matte, powdery finish in an instant. I also like how soft the brush is; we all know how soft The Body Shop brushes are! I'm just not sure with its lasting power and after how long it will take for my face to oil up (because of its thick texture) since I've just swatched this once.

Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation SPF 30

"Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation is made from an exclusive combination of pure mineral pigments and Community Fair Trade extra virgin olive oil and marula oil, creating a wonderfully blendable foundation, which is light and comfortable to wear and offers all-day hydration, 14 hours of skin moisturization."

If you're after a fresh look, use this liquid foundation! It is a breeze to apply. I love it's light texture - so light that when you put some on your hand and tilt it, the foundation will flow instantly. This foundation is easy to blend, buildable, and it gives a light to medium coverage. Also, this liquid foundation has the highest SPF in all The Body Shop cosmetics, having SPF 30.

Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation

"Made with 100% ultra-fine, ultra-pure mineral pigments, this long-lasting premium loose foundation powder applies evenly and blends easily to give a natural-looking complexion with a radiant finish."

If you're after a radiant finish, this light, loose powder foundation is the one for you. This has light reflecting pigments (like microscopic mirrors) that make you look healthy and radiant. This gives a light coverage, and you won't feel and look like you're wearing any makeup on. It is also great for when you want to set liquid foundation. However, I still don't like the classic loose powder form (when it comes to any makeup). A lot of product sticks to the brush and it scatters; or maybe I'm just not used to it.

One thing that got me curious is this color shade wheel. It will help you determine the shade and type of foundation that's suitable for you.

STEP 1: CHOOSE YOUR SHADE (Mine is 202 Natural Vanilla for fair skin)
STEP 2: CHOOSE THE FINISH YOU'D LIKE (Radiant, therefore liquid foundation)

So what exactly happens during a Love Your Body Workshop?

Complete skincare lines of different variants were displayed on the table for us to share. There were also tissues, cotton pads, sponges, and brush sets for us to use. Since many ladies attended, the brush sets were not enough so some had to share. Good thing I brought my own brushes! Can you say girl scout?

First step was the skin preparation. We did the 5-step skincare routine, which involved a cleanser, toner, eye serum, face serum, and moisturizer. I have oily skin, but the Tea Tree line dried out my skin before, so I used Seaweed instead. I used the Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser to remove existing makeup and dirt. It's so easy to use! It's just like cold cream (only more watery and fresh-smelling). Dab some on your face, massage, and wipe it off. Rinsing with water is optional, but since we did not have any faucets and sinks in the store, we just wiped it off with cotton pads. After that, I used the Seaweed Clarifying Toner to thoroughly remove all traces of dirt left behind. I like the Seaweed range because it smells so clean and fresh, and it's gentle on my skin.

It was my first time to try the Moisture White Shiso Eye Serum. It had a lighter texture compared to the classic eye cream, and it is easily absorbed. No stinging occurred when I applied it all over my eye area. It left my eye area well moisturized.

The Vitamin C Skin Boost is a serum that provides instant smoothing radiance for dull skin (me!). I loved the idea of rubbing Vitamin C all over my face because I feel like my skin will have it's dose of orange juice. This one felt so velvety on my skin, though I can't tell the brightening effect since I just used this once. It had a pleasant scent, and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth.

The last step was moisturizing. I used the Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15. I have the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream at home. This moisturizer was easily absorbed by the skin.

Since I'm lazy with skincare, I seldom do this 5-step thing. After doing all that, I almost did not want to put anything on my face anymore since I wanted to go home and sleep. But then I remembered that I was in that workshop to play with their new mineral makeups. Haha!

This was the type of foundation I wanted to use, but all the shades that reached our side of the tables were all dark shades so I used the liquid foundation instead.

So many shades to choose from! I was also happy with using liquid foundation since this is the type of foundation I am accustomed to.

I used the shade 202 Natural Vanilla. For some reason, I love it when the word "vanilla" is used as a shade name. It sounds so yummy and creamy.

These were the makeup that I used in the workshop. For the face, I used liquid foundation and set it with loose powder foundation. For the eyes, I asked to use the blue shimmer cube since I didn't feel like using neutral shades that time. I found it hard to use neutral shades like peach and brown because the colors does not show on my skin unlike the blue one that pops! I used my eyeshadow brush to line my lower and upper eyelids, a light brown shade for the outer corners of the eyes to neutralize the strong blue shade, then black pencil eyeliner to complete the look. I skipped mascara since I forgot to bring my own. For the cheeks, I used the Italian Baked Blush, and for the lips, Colorglide lipstick (which is now at 40% off!).

The Love Your Body Team decided to choose the top 5 makeup looks, and I was lucky to be part of it because they though that the blue eyeshadow look was creative! It's my first time to win in this kind of activity. :D

Inside the mini-loot bag were samples of the Nutriganics Smoothing Serum. Yey! Thanks, The Body Shop!

Ms. Moira from Love Your Body, Jessica from Fashionista MD, Mary Ann from Peppermint Crinkles, Ms. Pie, and Ms. Chuchie

The Friendly Staff of The Body Shop SM North (Main)

For Love Your Body members, the Extra Virgin Minerals are at P200 off plus 10% off on your net purchase. :)

Before I end this post, I'd like to share with you the latest news from The Body Shop's Love Your Body Rewards Programme. They're having a free upgrade for existing members. Just visit any The Body Shop store from September 16 to October 16, 2011 to avail of the free upgrade.

"Visit any store before October 16, 2011 for your free membership upgrade and we'll convert any unredeemed vouchers to the new voucher value. Plus, we'll round up any unredeemed reward points to the nearest ten. You can exchange these upgraded rewards for LYB Money and use them to pay for your purchases at The Body Shop.

The new rewards system is better. Every P100 spent earns you 5 points. Each point is equivalent to P1. More points earned for every purchase means more shopping credits for later!

Upon upgrading, you will receive a P300 Beauty Cash which you can use to purchase any regular-priced skincare product. New members who sign up will get this as well! (A single-receipt purchase of P1,500 will automatically give you free membership, or you may opt to pay P300 for the membership that is valid for 1 year).

I was thinking of what to buy with the Beauty Cash, and Ms. Moira of Love Your Body told me she got the Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel (P395). So with the Beauty Cash, looks like I'll be getting myself a new eye gel tomorrow! :D

If you're an existing member with stamps on your old Rewards Card, they will be converted to vouchers with higher value!

My new Rewards Card is ready to be stamped! :D

So there, visit any The Body Shop store and upgrade your membership ASAP. Also join the workshops so you could maximize your membership. Their workshops are fun and you get to learn lots of beauty tips from them. If you happen to see me in one of their future workshops, please say hi! :)



  1. wow~ cool!! XD I want to try it as well :)

  2. I love body shop seaweeds products. Can;t buy pa now e, kasi inuubos ko pa ung garnier ko. But will definitely gonna go back on this one. Thanks for posting sis. Pinaalala mo sakin.

  3. @Onika: Which area are you near to? I hope you can attend the future workshops! :)

    @Jade: Wow, good thing Garnier works for you! I like TBS's Seaweed line a lot. Glad to be of help! :)

    @Mary: Thanks! You're here! Hehe. Just keep on writing. :)

  4. I mostly go to Glorietta and MOA :) Thanks! I hope I can attend someday! :)

  5. awww now i wanna be a member too. ^__^ i hate that i missed their launch at Sm North The Block. I was there 2pm, an hour early but my lazy ass told me to just go home, so much for being impatient! hahaha.

  6. @Onika: The LYB team said they mostly host workshops in Greenbelt when in Makati. For some reason, mas marami raw pumunta pag sa Greenbelt yung workshop compared sa Glorietta (might be due to the store location). :)

    @Rose: Aww sayang! They gave away gift packs to those who attended. Be a member too! Maybe we could go to workshops together in the future. (But for the workshops, even non-members could come.) :)

  7. they did? oh now i hate myself. hahaha! I am planning to be a member now because of the awesome perks that you can get with it. :) hopefully we bump into each other on their next event ^__^

  8. hi helen, i got the seaweed skin care starter kit and other products from them, it was really a good skin care line. i think i found my match. ^__^ thanks again for blogging it. will do a review soon. got my own membership card too! ^___^

  9. @Rose: Wow! Yey! I love the seaweed line too. Did you use your beauty cash? :) Thanks also for reading my blog. I'm excited for your review! I hope we could go together when there are workshops next time. :)

  10. oh i just finished the review today! quite a long one. hahaha. ^__^ looking forward to see you too on TBS events!

  11. @Rose: I'll check out your post soon! See you around! :)


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