Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watching TV Is Good For You

...because you get to win free stuff!

Who knew, right? :D Actually, I forgot that I joined their Facebook promo before, since it has been months since I answered the question on the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars. Thanks to their e-mail notification, I was able to know that I won. Heehee.

And for the prizes:

Pretty Little Liars Shirt
ETC Premium Items
California Pizza Kitchen GCs

To think that I'm just a minor winner to the promo. Thanks, ETC! It was super generous of you. ♥

Like their Facebook page today for updates and promos. :)



  1. Congratulation dear!!!!gamitin na natin yong CPK gift certificate mo :)

  2. wow! ang swerte mo naman. I do't try joininga ny kind of raffle promo or the like coz I always don't win. I used to have full of hope for these when I was in elementary but as I grew up I realized I didn't stand a chance. even sa lotto di ako tumataya.

    Anyway congratulations!!!

  3. IKAW NA! Ikaw na talaga ang laging winner! hehehe :))) ganyan din ako last year, kaliwa't kanan ang luck. Enjoy it while its there :)

  4. @Sugar: Yay talaga. Thank you. :)

    @Glenn: Hahaha! Thank you! :D

    @Onika: Thank you dear! :D Like their FB page too.

    @Jill: Tumaya din ako sa lotto, but I never win there. So nag stop ako. Pero sa mga promo na walang cost, go lang ng go. Malay mo. :)

    @Ria: I will. :) Ako na ba talaga?! Haha Excited na ko sa Saturday! :)

  5. @Jade: TY! :) Add kita sa FB sis.


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