Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pink Things That Made Me Smile

Pink. It officially became my favorite color when I was 14, when I saw my classmate's bright pink file case and fell in love with the color. XD I just wanted to share with you cute little pink stuff that brightened up my week and made it extra special.

1. Princess Pink Cupcake

My sister brought this home last Sunday when she attended a children's party. It came in a dainty pink box, too. Not only does it look so pretty, it is delicious, too. The cake is moist and the icing is not too sweet; I was able to finish this without scraping off the icing. I don't personally know the one who made this cake, but since it had a sticker on the box, I'll share her contact details (in case you're looking for someone who will make cakes for a party).


2. Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner

I got these samples from Cosmopolitan September 2011. I don't use Pantene much because it used to be so harsh on my hair and lots of my hair would fall whenever I used it, but not with this one. Of course it had to leave my hair intact, since it's a hair fall control line. Haha. Now I also want to try their Nature Care line.

3. Maybelline Water Shine 3D Collagen in 402 (Discontinued!)

I found this lying around my drawer when I was fixing my stuff! It's still sealed but it's now discontinued; I wasted no time and used it ASAP. This one looks so natural on my lips, and I am not used to wearing natural colored lippies. It's also a perfect partner for smokey eyes. I don't know if I'll still write a detailed review on this since it's already phased out here in the Philippines, but this was the lipstick I used here.

4. Pink Fibrella Umbrella (F308)

Since last month, my sister was asking me what birthday gift I wanted. I had nothing in mind, none that I particularly wanted. Until my trusty red Fibrella umbrella gave up on me last week. I had it with me like 2 years ago, so it was kinda durable for its price. I told her that I wanted (more like needed) an umbrella, and she gave me this! I love the color and the handle. Rain or shine, I'll be bringing this with me everywhere I go.

5. Maybelline Pure Foundation Mineral Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation in BO2 - Beige Ochre 2

Okay, I'm cheating. This one is not pink, but the paper bag that came with it had pink details in it. Haha! This is another belated birthday gift from my team from work. It's so sweet of them to know what I want. I have been curious of this product for the longest time, and now I have it. I just hope that the shade is right for me. I'll use this as soon as I finish taking decent shots of this for my upcoming review. Stay tuned! :)

I want to know, what's your favorite color? :D



  1. Me too loves pink. And the cupcake ang cute cute parang di ko kayang kainin.

  2. Ayyy.. ang cute nga nga cupcake dear. I love it! Hmmm.. looks yummy. My daughter would love to have pink cupcakes on her bday. Hihi!

  3. That's a really pretty lippie. It looks so nice on you. Hooray for pink!

  4. @Jade: Nasaktan ako nung kinagat ko yung cupcake. Sayang e. XD

    @Mrs. Kolca: It tastes good compared to other cute cupcakes na cute lang. I think she'd love this cupcake too. ;)

    @Jackie: Thanks dear! Don't we just love pink? :D

    @Janinay: Pink forever. :D

  5. Shempre ako walang kamatayang PINK! Even my digicam has to be pink! :))

  6. @Ria: Of course! Ang cute e! :D

  7. @Krystle: Yey! :)

    @Meedge: Thank you! :)

  8. my favorite color? need i say more? PINK! hahaha. Ang cute nung cupcake. yum yum. :D


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