Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet Little Miss Foodie

I received a package yesterday and got all kilig. :> Looks like it's a great start of the month for me. Heehee.

It's my prize from Jezzi's giveaway. Visit her blog here!

They make the cutest shirts. I was actually torn with Little Miss Foodie and Little Miss Chocoholic, but I liked this better because of the pink accents. :D

If there is a perfect shirt that could describe me, this would be it!

Cute pink cupcake! ♥

Usually, I don't like shopping for clothes online. I've had my fair share of "This looks nothing like the one in the picture!" when I received my goods and feel shortchanged for the quality. You won't experience that with The Perfect White Shirt. I am impressed with the vibrant print and the soft, stretchable fabric of this shirt. If you want to see the actual shirts before you make a purchase, they have stores in Glorietta, Market! Market!, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, and Robinson's Place Manila.

Thank you, Jezzi and The Perfect White Shirt! I can't wait to wear this. :)



  1. Ang cute naman.... congrats sis...

  2. The t-shirt is cute :) I like the back print cute cupcake

    Glenn of Gencified

  3. @Onika: They have so much cute designs to choose from! Check out their Facebook page for the pics. :)

    @Jade: Thanks! :)

    @Glenn: I like it too. :) Thanks for dropping by!

  4. So YOU won!!! Auuurgggh!!! Seriously, yay! I would've gone with Little Miss Shopaholic but hey, Foodie comes a close second. :P Congrats!

  5. @May: Little Miss Shopaholic is cute too! But I like eating more than shopping. :)) Haha. Thanks!


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