Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rave: Deborah Milano Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick is TRANSFER-PROOF!

My first encounter with Italian beauty brand Deborah Milano was during the Beauty Backstage event held last January. Because of that, I got to meet THE lipstick that works as hard as I do, especially during overtime days. I say that because there are days I am too busy to retouch, but this lippie just stays on and on. 💋

During the event, Liz raved how amazing the Deborah Milano Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick is, and how it's almost identical to Make Up For Ever's Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipstick at half the price. SOLD! In fact, I should have gotten two of this lippie instead of the liquid foundation which was unfortunately not my shade match.

The shade I got was in 13 Light Brown, which is the darkest shade they have according to their site. Step 1 is the Rossetto Lipstick, which has a super matte, quick dry formula.

Tip: You gotta act fast and apply it evenly as it sets quickly. Also, do NOT purse your lips while it's not completely dry or you'll end up with a sticky/clumpy mess.

This step yields a completely matte finish. My lips are pretty resilient, and they don't easily chap or flake, but this one feels drying when worn alone. (For example, Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lip in Mama feels comfy, while Lovebug feels like it's sucking the moisture out of our lips the moment you put it on. This one feels like the latter. LOL) It also emphasizes my lip lines. However, I really love the color as it looks deeper in person than in photos. Also, at this point, it's already transfer-proof. It never transfers when I drink from my tumbler at work! 💛

Step 2 is the clear, glossy Top Coat. Amazingly, the Step 1 Rosetto Lipstick will not stain the applicator of this gloss! 😮

Putting on the Top Coat would darken the lip color, but your lips will thank you! This gloss seals in the color further and hydrates, so it ends up feeling comfortable. I'm not a fan of too much shine, so I blot it out once with tissue so it looks more natural. When you blot, the lipstick does not transfer to the tissue as well.

This lipstick lasts for as long as you do not eat a full meal. That is its only downfall as it wears off on my inner lips after lunch. When I reapply though, it lasts until evening. It's a struggle taking this off with micellar water, so I have to use an oil-based makeup remover with this lipstick. (If you avoid oily food, this will last the entire day!)

Among the x number of lipsticks I've tried from years of beauty blogging, I find Deborah Milano Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick to be the most reliable, transfer-proof lipstick I've ever tried (so far). It's perfect for busy days at work, or during events when you barely have the time to retouch your makeup. This is the only glossy lip color I regularly use right now, will certainly use up, and will repurchase (probably in other shades). 💖

Price: P650
Available at Watsons/SM Beauty


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