Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cathy Doll Petit Ice Cream Magic Blender

I got this cute Cathy Doll Petit Ice Cream Magic Blender inside the Golden Gift Box Cathy Doll sent me over the holidays. It took me months before I finally decided to give it a try because I was preserving its pristine and perfect ice cream state. LOL! Using it would mean makeup stains, but oh well! 😁

It's too cute, right? On my last visit to a Cathy Doll kiosk, I saw that they also had a pink version of this! (I can't decide which one is cuter, so it's a tie!) 😍

I doubt that this one really expires, but it had a manufacturing date printed on the side of the box.

A makeup sponge makes it ideal for blending base products such as BB, CC cream, foundation etc. It is washable and reusable.

It comes with a plastic tray inside the box, but don't throw it out. I use this to hold my wet sponge after using so it can air dry.

The Cathy Doll Petit Ice Cream Magic Blender has a firm texture when you squeeze it but it feels soft on the skin. I like how it doesn't absorb too much product, yet it yields a seamless finish when used with any face base. The sponge doesn't expand even when it's wet. (Like it can still fit into its original plastic tray.) I've tried using it wet with a long-wearing foundation, BB cream, CC cream, tinted sunscreen, and even concealer (for my under eyes) and my makeup blends easier and lasts longer. It's also durable and easy to clean. Makeup residue comes off even when you just use a regular body wash. There was a bit of staining and the sponge looked paler than its original color after my first wash, but the texture and firmness was still the same. I've ignored my makeup brushes for weeks now because of this makeup sponge! 💙 When the time comes that I have to replace this sponge due to wear and tear (I'm guessing not anytime soon), I'm repurchasing another one in pink! Hihi 💖 Not looking into buying the original Beauty Blender yet, because it costs almost 5x as much Cathy Doll's (and this one works completely fine).

Price: P219
Available at the following locations:

Facebook: Cathy Doll Philippines
Instagram: @cathydollphils


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