Monday, July 4, 2016

Cathy Doll Lip Smile Color Lip Balm Stick in Berry Crush

After destashing, I realized that I now only have a handful of conventional bullet-type lipsticks in my kit and tons of lip crayons and matte liquid lipsticks! They're my current addictions. One lippie that I've been loving lately is actually a tinted lip balm! And based on my usage history, I've used my tinted balms to the last swipe. Come on, how can you not love color, care, and comfort all in one tube?

Cathy Doll Lip Smile Color Lip Balm Stick in Berry Crush (P199)

  • Lovely bright-colored
  • Nourishing and moisturizing
  • No cracking and peeling
  • Dull skin decreasing
  • Smoothening and refreshing

I got this product as part of my loot from Cathy Doll's launch here in the Philippines. I'm currently testing some of their other products, and so far so good, I'm amazed. :D

Let's get all scientific here as I explain to you our magic ingredient: Red 27. Red 27 is a colorant that is characterized by fluorescence when exposed to light. Upon contact with moisture, it changes to a pinkish hue.

It comes in a chubby retractable crayon packaging and there's no need to sharpen. I don't like the lid though, it's made of cheap plastic that easily cracks even if you don't drop it (similar to Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm).


Since this one's a lip balm, don't expect it to be as pigmented as lipstick. I have to use several swipes to get a lovely pink tint. But I do like the brightening effect as you can see from the swatch!

Before & After

My lips are naturally pale so the color is easily seen, but it may not be as visible on darker lips. This one's already one of the darker shades in the 4-shade collection. This tinted lip balm has a light fragrance and no flavor. It keeps me from looking pale and it hydrates my lips effectively, decreasing the appearance of lines immediately upon usage. Brightening properties are real, too! This one's a keeper inside my kikay kit. :D

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  1. not bad for the price!
    do they have red tints or leaning towards red? =)

    does it last?

    1. I think they have. They do have a matte red liquid lippie! :D

      This one doesn't last since it's a lip balm.


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