Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cathy Doll White Heads Cleansing Black Clay Mask

My skin is acting weird lately. I have so many small whiteheads on my forehead, temples, and cheeks. It isn't too visible but when I touch my face it feels rough and bumpy. I checked my stash on what I could try to experiment on my skin, because it's when I'm experiencing skin issues that I get even more adventurous with my skincare. (On good skin days, I stick to my skincare ritual to death, because if it ain't broken, don't fix it.) Then I suddenly remembered having this clay mask sachet from Cathy Doll!

Cathy Doll White Heads Cleansing Black Clay Mask (P129)

I'm so glad that I got the White Heads variant instead of Black Heads. This clay mask comes in a single-use sachet. Yup, use it all up since it's bound to get messy and it dries up when exposed to air. It contains volcanic charcoal stone from Japan so it's meant to suck away all the dirt from your pores. I'm excited already! Haha

The packaging has no English info, but the photos tell me that it's a peel-off mask. Interesting, because I'm used to sheet masks.


It looks like tar! But it doesn't have a scent which I appreciate. I had fun slathering it all over my face. At first, it feels a bit cooling, then it tightens and dries up. I wasn't able to move my face with this on. Wait for it to dry completely, and peel it all off.

Because I have high pain tolerance, I was able to remove this in a minute. It felt a lot like my entire face was threaded, as I saw tiny hairs all over the dried up mask! There were more facial hair than whiteheads. LOL! As for my whiteheads, this mask wasn't able to remove everything, but it did remove a lot. Sometimes, I have this bad habit of picking on my face to remove the comedones AKA future pimples, and this masks removes some of them for me. Yay! The photo above is grossly satisfying, too.

Note that small amounts of mask didn't come off while I was peeling it, so I had to wash it off, and even a small amount can turn the water black as you're washing your face. I toned my skin afterwards and moisturized, because clay masks have a reputation for drying out the skin. As for my oily skin, it didn't feel dry at all afterwards - just balanced.


After removing the mask, there was a slight redness, but my face felt softer and fresher. It's less bumpy, too. Also, it took my face longer to oil up, probably because it's so clean. I like this mask, and I'd repurchase for when I get another bout of bad skin days.

You can backread my posts about other Cathy Doll products, and their launch that happened earlier this year.

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