Friday, July 29, 2016

Superstar Lashes at Stylash Trinoma

Because I missed my guilty pleasure (AKA eyelash extensions), I revisited my favorite eyelash extension salon after over a year of lash rest. What can I do, I miss feeling pretty effortlessly. Haha :D This time around, I went to their Landmark Trinoma branch, because it's the most accessible for me at the moment. You may backread ALL my Stylash reviews here.

Stylash Landmark Trinoma is hard to find! If I didn't ask the guard where it was, I would have roamed endlessly. It's located at the Beauty Lounge. I like the location though, as it's private and quiet.

Lash Growth Cycle & Lash Extension Aftercare (muy importante!)

Our eyelash has a growth cycle every 2-3 weeks, so fallouts are normal (but not desired). You can get a retouch though for as low as P300. Do take note of the dos and don'ts when you get your lash extensions.

Stylash Services

Here, you can choose how many strands, the style, length, shape, and thickness. So there's no generic look as you can customize it to your liking. They recommended me the 10mm length but I insisted on the shortest 8mm strands because I wear glasses everyday. (I am so happy with the result! I can't wait to show you!) They also have brow services and packages to give more bang for your buck. But the most interesting thing I found out was that Stylash now offers Cosmetic Artistry AKA brow and eyeliner tattoos! These are by appointment only, and the prices are definitely lower than their competitors.

Stylash makes use of 100% mink eyelashes and they feel so light, I forget they're there, so I ALMOST rubbed my eyes when I got home that day. Buti nalang almost lang! Their lash menu looks kawawa, they need to change this. Hehe! I found out with this that their colored mink lashes have a softer feel, but I want mine in black all the time.

Stylash Trinoma has a modern ambiance. I like how classy it looks. They have 6 of these beds, and they're very comfy!

Pretty wall :)

Before & After
Superstar | Style: Posh | Length: 8mm | Shape: C-shaped | Thickness: 0.15mm

If you have virtually no lashes like me, don't be afraid to choose the shortest and slimmest lash variant they have. The end result: it will still show and it looks more natural. I do not recommend the 10mm and 12mm length if you're wearing glasses. The lash extensions will keep on hitting your glasses, and they might fall out earlier.

Somehow, they look real and my friend couldn't point out what was different with my face the night I had this done.

And because I washed my face prior to the procedure, I can legitly use the hashtag #NoMakeup here! Well, my brows are tattooed and my pretty lashes give off an instant mascara and eyeliner vibe. I LOVE IT. This review is not sponsored, by the way!

I'm giving this a 3-week lifespan as I've usually experienced before, but I'll definitely update you guys! (I do hope it lasts longer!)

The price of Superstar lashes is originally P1,200 but it's currently on sale at 50% off until July 31 -> P600 (GO HAVE YOURS DONE!) Jessica did my lashes! :)

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