Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Amazing Deals at The Body Shop Post Christmas Sale

Sale season is definitely ON!

One of my all time favorite stores, The Body Shop, is currently having their Post Christmas Sale. Of course, I had to drop by the nearest The Body Shop store (which is SM North EDSA) and check out the great deals.

The Body Shop Post Christmas Sale

It's always my pleasure to share with you what's on sale in store! ♥ All items here are on sale at 50% off, most of which are the Special Edition Bath & Body items from the Christmas range (Cranberry Joy, Vanilla Bliss, and Ginger Sparkle) and the Winter Trend makeup.

Shower Gels (P750.00 -> P375.00)
Hand Wash (P495.00 -> P247.50)
Hand Lotion (P495.00 -> P247.50)
Hand Cream (P375.00 -> P187.50)

Body Butters (P995.00 -> P497.50)

Reed Diffusers (P2,050.00 -> P1,025.00)

Peppermint & Tea Tree Foot Care Set (P1,195.00 -> P597.50)
Hand Cream Set - Wild Rose, Absinthe, & Almond (P995.00 -> P497.50)

Tea Tree Pore Minimizer & Tea Tree Oil Set (P1,095.00 -> P547.50)
Absinthe Mini Manicure Set (P450.00 -> P225.00)

Lip Gloss Trio (P1,595.00 -> P797.50)
Absinthe Manicure Set (P395.00 -> P197.50)

4-Step Smoky Eye Palette in Smoky Brown, Smoky Plum, & Smoky Moonstone (P1,495.00 -> P747.50)

Dazzling Rocks in Golden Copper (P1,595.00 -> P797.50)

All-In-One BB Cream (P1,195.00 -> P597.50)
All-In-One Face Base (P1,295.00 -> P647.50)

Spa Fit Range, Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oils, Hand Sanitizers at 50% off

Big Olive Shower Gel (P895.00 -> P537.00)

White Musk for Men Hair & Body Wash
Kistna Hair & Body Wash
Maca Root Face Wash
Maca Root Energetic Face Protector
(All at P175.00)

And my favorite finds would have to be...

White Musk For Men Hair & Body Wash (P375.00 -> P175.00)
White Musk For Men Eau de Toilette (P195.00, regular price)

Top note: lavender
Middle notes: jasmine and geranium
Base notes: Sandalwood, tonka bean, musk and vetiver

I am so attracted to this scent. It smells so fresh, clean, and masculine. The hair and body wash will come in handy for travel and sleepovers. I'm keeping these for myself!

White Musk Libertine Body Wash (P750.00 -> P225.00)
White Musk Libertine Eau de Toilette (P1,095.00 -> P328.50)

Top, heart, and base note: Cruelty-free vegetable musk
With sweet notes of Turkish delight (rose, almond, honey), baby orchid, and Chantilly cream

White Musk Libertine range is at a special discount of 70% off! If you're looking for a new signature scent this 2014, try this one! I'm in love with the EDT, since it smells so fresh, warm, and sweet. It's long lasting too, and it smells better the longer you have it on.

The Body Shop Post Christmas Sale is until January 23, 2013 in all stores nationwide.

So what are you planning to hoard from The Body Shop's Post Christmas Sale? Like The Body Shop, Philippines on Facebook for more information and updates on their products!



  1. Wow, amazing deals! I always end up buying a lot because of these discounts! Ubos pera. Haha!

    1. Ako rin. Tuwing sale lang ako bumibili. Haha! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Drop by the nearest store, it might also be on sale. :D

  3. I have bought so much from The Body Shop in the sale! Great stuff! :) Your sale looks even better than in the UK, none of the men's stuff was on sale here :(

    Tara xox

    1. But then you get to have the extra 40% off on top of the discounts! That's a winner too! :D

  4. I'm so such an addict at the body shop! They always have sales but this one is amazing! I will check it out, thanks love

    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog

  5. Great post! I definitely need to check out Body Shop soon! :) The White Musk Libertine ones look so pretty!

  6. Ohhh my goodness! Thanks for this Helen! Finally I'm gonna buy the Libertine Musk! Fave na fave ko siya! <3

    1. Same here! White Musk Libertine EDT is my favorite bargain from the Post Christmas Sale. ♥


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