Monday, July 2, 2012

The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning Bodycare

Wouldn't it be nice to have a perfectly toned body without exercise? I'd love that! Even if I'm blessed with a slender frame, I eat a lot and I barely exercise (since I'm too lazy and my body burns the food I eat instantly anyway). That being said, anything that would tone my body even more is a plus in my book. (One serving of washboard abs, please!)

The Spa Fit take pride in delivering the skin firming and toning benefits of a spa retreat at the comforts of your own home. This range features the Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub (P1,695.00), Toning Concentrate (P1,195.00), and Massage Oil (P1,195.00). Every product is powered with citrus ingredients and caffeine, which is known to reduce the unsightly dimpling of the skin. Use these product together with the Spa Fit exclusive massage techniques below for best results.

Spa Fit Exclusive Massage Techniques:
Arms, Legs, Thighs, Hips, and Buttocks: Stimulate and Exfoliate
Use the Spa Fit Massager and Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub

Legs and Thighs: Knead and Tone
Use with the Spa Fit Toning Concentrate or Toning Massage Oil


Stomach, Arms, and Thighs: Roll and Firm
Use with the Spa Fit Toning Concentrate or Toning Massage Oil


The product that I have up for review is the Spa Fit Toning Concentrate, which tones and refines the skin's texture. It is enriched with 100% natural-origin citrus and caffeine ingredients.
The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning Concentrate
This zesty concentrate contains 100% natural-origin citrus ingredients. It will leave skin looking smoother and more toned. For best results, use with other products in the Spa Fit range.

    Refines and tones
    Zesty citrus scent
    With lemon and grapefruit essential oils

The Toning Concentrate has a gel consistency that feels wonderful and tingly cool on the skin. Despite the yellow gel, it dries clear and no visible tint is left on the skin. It smells like lemons and menthol combined (and it reminds me of Maxx Honey Lemon Menthol Candy). I massage it on my stomach and waist (since that's the part of me that needs improvement), and my skin feels velvety smooth and toned afterwards (considering that my torso always has dry skin). The feeling of having smooth velvety skin is so addicting that I sometimes also use this on my arms and legs (even if I don't really need to), especially when I'm wearing sleeveless tops or shorts. This product won't cause any miracles, like cellulite disappearing all of the sudden, as it's more of a skin enhancing/improving product. Plus, unlike other body creams/gels that promise to melt off the fat and make your skin warm and sweaty, this product gives the opposite effect. It's cooling (which feels so good), and the scent is refreshing and uplifting.

The Body Shop's Spa Fit is all the rage because it's bikini season on the other side of the globe. Here in the Philippines, bikini season might be over, but it could be rainy today and summer again tomorrow. Hence, the Spa Fit range would be a nice addition to our body care arsenal to look fabulously toned everyday!



  1. Replies
    1. Try it in-store when you visit TBS. You'll love the scent and how it makes your skin velvety smooth. :D

  2. Liz loves this! I on the other hand haven't used mine yet and I'm the one who needs more improvement! Haha! I can't stop using my moringa beautifying oil kasi! Haha! ♥

    1. I know how you feel. I love using the Chocomania beauty oil. But I alternate my products, shea body butter yesterday, spa fit toning concentrate today, and chocomania beautifying oil tomorrow. Haha! :D


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