Saturday, August 24, 2013

Haul: Birthday Gifts ♥

It's now time to unwrap the presents I got for my 24th birthday!

Nah, I've actually unwrapped and ate most of them a few weeks ago, but they're worth sharing so here goes! ;)

A portrait, letter, and The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow from Dawn

This one's probably one of the most priceless and sweetest present I received! My friend actually drew me! Haha! :D I'll be putting this in a frame, that's for sure! Dawn and I both love The Body Shop, as you can see. Don't forget to join our giveaway! :D

Cara Mia Brazo Gelato cake from my colleagues
Christer, Jeffery, Kurt, Bailey, Ness, and Anne

My teammates/lunch buddies surprised me with this during the weekend before my birthday. They're as sweet as this gelato cake. :D

A birthday card also from my colleagues

The card design is so me, don't you agree?

Figaro Devil's Mocha Cake from my boss, Achi V

I've already told you before, I've got cool boss. :D

Cosmopolitan dress from my sister, Melissa

Since we like the same clothes, she has another dress like this, only in a different color. Don't worry, we won't wear it both at the same time!

Starbucks tea tumbler from my sister, Vivian

My sister hates the ancient water bottle I use at the office, so she gave me this! She was planning to give me a regular coffee tumbler, but then she remembered that I'm more of a tea person, hence this one! I love that it has a leaf design where I can fasten the string of the tea bag.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers from my sister, Cindy

She got me this because she knows that I want this, but I won't be buying this for myself anytime soon. (Hey, I was waiting for National Book Store to go on sale so I could get this at 20% off!)

OMG Nail Colors by Klik in Tiara from my sister, Ann

This was a half-hearted present from my sister! I just know. Haha! She got this for herself, but then she remembered it was my birthday that day, and handed it to me instead, and borrowed it right after a few minutes. (I said no! No using until I've taken a picture of it.) But still, thank you!

Krispy Kreme doughnuts from my friend, Pan

I love Krispy Kreme. You've witnessed it all in my blog. If you're curious, my favorite doughnut from them would be Original Glazed.

Frostings cupcakes from my friend, Lala

She's as sweet as these cupcakes! ;) This came as a surprise during our dinner at A Veneto, where the crew couldn't even sing a decent birthday song. My friends sang instead.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Skin Essentials also from my friend, Lala

Because she know that I love The Body Shop! I'm excited to try this new skincare set. And it's pink - what's not to love?

Beauty Bar's Lavender Luxury Hand Cream from my friend, Jeanne

My friend was thinking if she would give me another lippie, but figured that I already had lots. (Good thing!) She gave me a fancy hand cream instead. Much appreciated! :D

Green Tea Kit Kats from my friends

Because they know what my all-time favorite chocolate is. :D

Uji Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat from my friend, Jat

He found this in a Japanese store. Now, I want to go there and hoard!

Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat + Ghirardelli chocolates from my friend, Tope

This pack is similar to the one I received from Hong Kong, only this one he got from Japan.

Birthday cake from HEAT

Last but not the least is this birthday cake from HEAT, where my family and I celebrated my birthday dinner.

That's all for now! This one's probably my favorite haul posts, since everything here are special and from my loved ones.♥



  1. Hi Helen, thanx for leaving me a lovely note on my blog. Happy birthday to you. What a lot of nice little gifts you have. My favourite would be the picture of you. It's priceless when people give time to you since handmade gifts, drawings etc are all gifts of time.

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, Jo! :) Yes, sometimes the simple gifts are the most priceless ones.

  2. happy birthday helen!! cute naman present fr dawn!!!

    1. Thank you, Carizza! Oo nga eh, effort! :D

  3. Happy Birthday to you !!!!

    Thanks for your comment. I follow you now via GFC in return <3

    We keep in touch.

    Minnja Blog
    Minnja Facebook

  4. Hi Helen!! Glad you like my gift! Haha! Happy birthday ulit! Birthday month mo pa din so my greeting is still valid! :P

  5. Happy happy Birthday!!!
    Lovely presents!

  6. Wow! Happy birthday, Helen! :) Glad you enjoyed your birthday!

  7. happy birthday!♥ and I've never seen a greet kitkat!:D is it wasabi flavour or something like that? cool blog!:) I followed you on bloglovin(petra lorencová)♥ you can follow me back if you'd like;) Have a nice day♥

    My Bloglovin profile

    1. Thank you, Lorietta! It's green tea Kit Kat! Amazing stuff! :D

      I followed you back. :)

  8. Happy birthday sis! <3 Grabe, I love this haul, full of sweetness and even real sweetness like chocolates, cakes, and cupcakes <3 So sweet of Dawn to draw a portrait of you!!! I really like it! <3

  9. the portrait is soooo beautiful :) hats off to the artist :) and happy happy birthday helen <3

    1. Dawn's really talented! :D Thank you, Shayne!

  10. I didn't know it was your birthday pala! Happy belated birthday Helen!!


  11. Happy Birthday! You are loved... lucky you! May God bless you


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