Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sharing The J.Co Way + New Favorites

My Dad has a new-found addiction to J.Co Donuts, and when he likes a certain kind of food, he'd buy it over and over again. He's cute like that. Haha! It's now the 3rd weekend wherein we have 2 dozens of J.Co Donuts. Before I start getting sick of donuts, I'll share with you what we had. :D

Sharing The J.Co Way

Box 1

Seeing this alone gives you a clue on which flavor we like most. :D

Green Tease

My sisters and I love Green Tease. I'm biased to anything green tea. Haha. I love the bitter-sweet flavor of this one. Inside the donut is a white, somewhat whipped, creamy filling that is surprisingly not too sweet!


Because I am not a fan of nuts, this flavor is the most overrated donut for me. I still don't get why this is a best-selling variant, but my sister loves this. I tried it and though I liked the white chocolate on top, I won't be repurchasing this.

Choco Caviar Chocolate

I think this is one of the more common flavors, aside from the tiny chocolate caviars on top. It's not actual caviar though - that would be weird! Hehe!

Berry Spears

I like this flavor. It reminds me of strawberry cheesecake because of what's inside - tart cream cheese filling!

Box 2

Blueberry More

If you like Berry Spears, then you'd have to meet her sister, Blueberry More! :D Same cream cheese filling inside.


This one reminds me of the oreo donuts from Cello's, but I prefer J.Co's version better.


I wasn't able to try out this flavor. I'm not fond of nuts, that's why. My sister and my Mom loves this, though!


This is my second favorite, next to Green Tease. It's salted caramel! :D

I love how J.Co donuts all have the cutest, catchiest names! And the fact that their donuts aren't too sweet, even those with cream fillings inside.

My new favorite flavors from J.Co would have to be Green Tease and Carousel. What's yours? :)



  1. alcapone, oreology and the one that has some sort of avocado or pistachio are one of my family's faves :)

    1. Yes, the avocado one is yummy too! :D

  2. Yummy! I love donuts too! I also like Green tease & jcoccino <3


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