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L'Oreal Professionel x Bang's Tony & Jackey: Korean City Style

Filipinos seem to love anything Korean - from music, fashion, beauty, and food. You name it, we love it! Last Thursday, I went to Tony & Jackey Tomas Morato for the launch of L'Oreal Professionel Korean City Style Collection.

The Korean City Style Collection is inspired by Korea's top 3 culturally influential districts, offering a new set of perms aimed to transform ordinary-looking hair to the much-celebrated Korean tresses.

  • Busan Style (P2,800.00) - An artsy, romantic, and Bohemian vibe Bubble Perm look inspired by the cultural and artistic city of Busan
  • Gangnam Style (P8,000.00) - A glamour chic see-through glam perm look that can easily blend into the trendy parts of the city that is inspired by the richest district in Seoul
  • Hong Dae Style (P2,800.00) – A youthful and cute pop perm look inspired by the trendy and funky vibe of Hong Dae

L’Oreal Professionnel has partnered with Bang's Tony & Jackey to introduce the Korean City Style Collection. Combining Tony & Jackey’s expertise in form and styling with L’Oreal Professionnel’s technologically advanced products will help Filipinos achieve the elusive Korean City Style to match his/her personality.

During the event, Korean City Style cupcakes and sweet treats from Baker Street were served to the guests.

Bang's Tony & Jackey definitely prepared well for the event - the best senior hairstylists from their other branches were the ones who took care of our hair that day! The one who handled my hair was Ms. Rebecca, Senior Hairstylist from Tony & Jackey Magallanes. Mr. Sky Park, owner of Bang's Tony & Jackey, shared with us that all their hairstylists have undergone 7 years of training/experience in Korea, while the senior hairstylists have a minimum of 10 years of hairstyling experience.

Tony & Jackey treats hair care both as science and art. During the consultation I was asked when I last had my perm (which I didn't do) and color (which was last February 2013, at home). I initially wanted to go for the Gangnam Style perm to give my curls a more enhanced look, but my hairstylist thought otherwise. She said that I may not need a perm after all, since my hair was already curled to begin with. Then, she gave me 3 options:

  • Plan A: Color retouch my roots first, and assess my hair's health on whether it can still take the perm.
  • Plan B: Color my hair from roots to tips.
  • Plan C: Color my hair, and still get the Gangnam Style perm afterwards.

She explained to me that after coloring, she was willing do the perm if I really wanted to, but maybe I didn't need it, and that my hair might look the same (with a wavy/curly finish) after the perm, only drier (because it would be subject to chemicals). In the end, I went for Plan B, which was a full hair color. She looked relieved when I said that color alone was fine. Then she blow dried my hair while twirling it outwards, which resulted to this!

Tony & Jackey does bring out the best in one's hair. My new hair color is mahogany, and I am so happy and satisfied with the result! I appreciated Ms. Rebecca's honesty and Tony & Jackey's overall approach when it comes to hair recommendations.

This is my hair after getting blow-dried and twirled outwards. Pretty? :D

Maybelline provided the makeup for all our "after" photos, which I can't wait to see! For now, I'll be sharing with you my own after photos.

Dramatic Makeup by Ms. Jeanie Osorio for Maybelline Philippines

With Ms. Rebecca, Senior Hairstylist of Tony & Jackey Magallanes

With Ms. Rebecca and Mr. Sky Park, owner of Bang's Tony & Jackey

With my pretty friend Dawn, who had a gorgeous Gangnam Style perm ♥

After you have had your desired Korean City Style look, it is important to properly maintain and style it at home.
  1. Towel dry hair and blow-dry it with an application of both Mythic Oil and full Volume Mousse to build up the foundation of bouncier looking curls.
  2. To provide extra hold for shorter hair, apply Playball Density Material for the idea Busan and Hong Dae Style.
  3. For the Gangnam style, add extra hold by spritzing Elnett Spray to lift and hold longer length hair.
  4. Finish off the three Korean City Style looks with a pump of Crystal Gloss for added shine.

[Click on the photo to enlarge.]

Share your Tony & Jackey story over at and get a chance to be one of the winners of the 3 Samsung Galaxy S4, 36pcs of P1,000 Tony & Jackey GCs, and 200pcs of Keratin Vouchers! Submission of entries is until September 15, 2013, and the announcement of winners will be Oct 1, 2013.

To know more about L’Oreal Professionnel Korean City Style and its #LOrealKoreanStyle campaign, visit:
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I'm loving my new hair color from L'Oreal Professionel and Tony & Jackey. Even if I wasn't able to try the Korean City Style perm, I'm happy just the same!

The Korean City Style looks will be available in all Tony & Jackey salons nationwide. Which Korean City Style do you like best? :D



  1. So pretty dear! I want to get my hair permed too but I'm still thinking about it. Your new looks is love <3 The makeup looks fierce but girly because of the lippy I think. Love it!

    1. The lippie is mine, sabi ko sa makeup artist baka bagay siya sa eye makeup na ginawa nya. :D Wahaha! Thank you, Genz! Go for curls na, it's low maintenance kasi wash and go lang talaga. (As if nagpaperm ako noh?) Haha

  2. Thank you for the comment. You look great in these pictures.
    (P.S.: I have read the Hunger games too and it's great)
    I am following you via GFC too.

  3. I really like your blog ;) Your very beautiful ;*
    I followed you on GFC and bloglovin ;)
    Check out my blog too :D

    1. Thank you, Caro! :) You're beautiful, too!

      Followed you back on GFC and Bloglovin. :)

  4. Food porn naman sa cupcakes! and I love your smokey eyes... lam mo kamuka mo talaga yung isang dancer girl sa gangnamn style... lalo pa naging ganyan buhok mo hehe ;)

    1. Bakit di ko makita yung resemblance namin? :)) Hahaha!

  5. Great make-up!
    Let me know if you want to follow each other on gfc, bloglovin, facebook and/ or pinterest.

    1. Thanks, Ancia!

      Followed you via GFC and Bloglovin. :)

  6. aww... how pretty =)

    Following you back now!

  7. I got a loose perm a couple of weeks ago... they don't really look like any of these sadly. I love the Hong Dae style.

    1. Aww. Hope you can achieve these kinds of perm on your next one if ever. Hong Dae style looks fun, but I have no guts to wear my hair that short. I'm boring like that! Haha! :D

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Hazel! I miss you! :D

  9. I like your hair color on you and also the style... girl na girl! :)

  10. Hi! I really like your lipstick. What brand is that & what shade. Thank you

    1. Hello! For the "before makeover" pic, that's Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick (currently at 50% off in Watsons), blotted out with tissue since I tried to remove it for the makeover part of the event, but I wasn't able to succeed in removing it since it stained my lips like crazy (and that's what I love most about it). Then for the "after" pic, I topped my previously stained lips with Too Cool For School Hot Girl Lip Sticker in Blossom Pink.


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