Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wishlist: Taylor by Taylor Swift

Taylor by Taylor Swift is a new fragrance coming out in June 2013 in the United States. I wonder how many years it would take before this one gets to the Philippine shores, as her 2nd fragrance (Wonderstruck Enchanted) isn't even available yet here in our country. I so want it! In fact, I want all 3 Taylor Swift fragrances. (I know, I'm such a fan!)

Taylor by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's first 2 fragrances, Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted, were both inspired by fairy tales (hence the whimsical bottles). Taylor by Taylor Swift is more personal as it reflects her own style.

According to Fragrantica, Taylor is a sweet, floral-fruity fragrance with a woody base.
  • Top:  lychee, tangerine, and magnolia petals
  • Heart: peony, hydrangea, and vanilla orchid
  • Base: sandalwood, apricot nectar, cashmere musk, and soft woods

The bottle design is fresh - modern and retro combined with pearl details, a crystal stopper, and colorful prints.

Also available:

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

  • Top: raspberry, dewberry, green tea, freesia, and apple blossom
  • Heart: sweet vanilla, sun-drenched honeysuckle, and white hibiscus
  • Base: golden amber, musk, sandalwood, and peach

Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift

  • Top: wild berries, pink poppy, and passionfruit
  • Heart: peony blossoms, sugar-glazed champaca petals, and white freesia
  • Base: white musk, hypnotic vanilla, and blonde woods

We only have Wonderstuck available in department stores here. Can someone be my Santa and give any of these to me? :D



  1. Just the bottle itself will push me to buy it in a whim. So gorgeous! :)


    1. I agree! All 3 bottles are super cute. :D

  2. Hi Helen, we already have the Enchanted Wonderstruck out in the market. SM Dept Store has it!! It's smells warmer than wonderstruck. I'm selling my own bottle because I dislike warm And powdery perfume. It's still unopened and sealed.. Care to buy it? :)

    Taylor by Taylor Swift is yet to arrive here so I bugged my friend to buy me one. The latest fragrance smells soooo good! Enchanted is more on the warm side - vanilla and powdery.

    I like Taylor and Wonderstruck over Enchanted.

  3. Oh Taylor by Taylor Swifts smells of lychee and yakult. Hihi. So yummy!!!

  4. Sorry to spam, I spotted and sampled the Enchanted Wonderstruck at SM Megamall Dept Store :)

    1. Oh it's okay! Thanks for the info! If you didn't tell me, I wouldn't know that Wonderstuck Enchanted is already available here in the PH. :)

      I've just sampled the first scent Wonderstuck and I loved it, but it smelled familiar - just like Someday by Justin Bieber. I have yet to check out Wonderstuck Enchanted.

      And I so envy you for having 3 of Taylor Swift's perfume. I've read your review(s), and it seems like Taylor by Taylor Swift is the best smelling one in the bunch. :)

  5. Really they smell the same? That got me curious, will check out that Bieber perfume haha. Thanks for reading my review, and yes Taylor by Taylor swift is the best so far. Do you like fruity scents too?

    1. Someday by JB has similar notes to Wonderstruck. My younger sister likes Someday, while I like Wonderstuck better. Oh yes, I love fruity scents! :)


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