Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Too Cool For School Opens at SM North EDSA!

Last Friday, I witnessed the grand opening of a "too cool" store! The 2nd flagship store of Too Cool For School opened at SM North EDSA last July 19, 2013. (Their first store is located at SM Mall of Asia.) Here I am again sharing with you a mega-dose of all things cute, cool, and edgy!

Too Cool For School is a fresh beauty and lifestyle brand, created in South Korea last 2009, and now with 30 shops in their home country. In just a short span of time, they've managed to branch out across Asia - to countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the latest stores are in the Philippines!

Too Cool For School, SM North EDSA

Too Cool For School is quite a catchy name, don't you agree? But don't get the brand wrong! They still want us to go to school. :D When you hear the word school you automatically think of a place where students study and learn, but school here actually means "a group of fish", meaning Too Cool for School is the coolest among the group, being different, unique, and out of the ordinary (but in a stylishly good way!).

Enough vocabulary lessons for today. Now, let's see what's inside the store!

Upon entering the store, you'd see quirky decors all over the place. There's a Dinoplatz paper tower...

...plastic hands and legs (!)

...bald baby dolls in glass bottles (kinda creepy but I want to take them home).

The store is quirky, fun, weird, and cute all at the same time. Some parts of the store actually has that school laboratory feel.

Now on to the products. The brand carries 238 different varieties of products. It covers 65 items for skincare, 134 items for make-up, and 39 items for accessories! I'll be marking the best-selling items with stars (★)!

★ After School BB Foundation Lunch Box ★

A star product of TCFS. Perfect for girls who are on the go! This lunchbox is 3 in 1. It has a HIGHLIGHTER for that natural glow and dewy effect. A CONCEALER to cover up skin imperfections and the BB cream (that we all LOVE!) for the flawless look. It also has SPF 37 so no worries if you are going to stay long under the sun. Available in 2 shades: matte skin and moist skin.

For the commitment-phobic, Too Cool For School also sells deluxe sample-size tubes of their BB creams, each one below P300.00! I bet this one will sell like hotcakes.

Blending BB Cream

Cluber Highlight

This one's cute! It's packaged like a nail polish, but it's actually a liquid highlighter.

Sienna Silky BB Pact
Photoready Pact
Sun Day Pact

★ Play Cheek Angel Blusher ★

For that cute angel-like pop of color, this blush comes with a puff to give the right amount of pigment onto the apples of cheeks.

Don't worry if your Angel Blusher Puff gets dirty. It's washable, and when it gets worn out, you can just buy a new one for P59.00.

★ Marshmallow Puff ★

The ultimate makeup sponge applicator! Makes application of BB creams and liquid foundations easier. Handy and trendy to bring.

Move over, Beauty Blender! This one is a super-dupe of the former. It's also pink, but it's way more affordable. Now if only I had the patience to clean makeup sponges, I'd get this in a heartbeat.

Too Cool Art Class Blusher in Pink and Peach

Looks like tubes of watercolor, but it's actually blush!

Too Cool Art Class Multi Color Paint in Lovely Coral and Tomato Red

That's just one light swipe, ladies! I was told that these can be used for the eyes, cheeks, and lips, but I don't fancy red eyelids. :| The red one is sooo pigmented, it could work beautifully for the cheeks and lips.

Hot Girl Lip Sticker

This mini-lipstick comes in 4 bright and super pigmented shades. The second shade is a bestseller, a bright pink shade that looks good on any skintone!

Art Class Lip Crayon

Lippies that look like crayola. I wanted to buy one in red, but the color payoff was sheer and it had glitters in it. The packaging is a win, though! It's very original, and you can actually mistake this for a crayon.

★ Max In Pocket ★

Whole year round pocket lip balm, moisturize lips, handy and trendy with a mini chain and mirror for a perfect quick touch up. Comes in 3 variants: Kiss Kiss, Pink Pink and Dolly Dolly that fits perfectly in your pocket.

Dinoplatz Lip Balm

Emma Mini Lip

Too Cool Art Class

Twin Color Eye Crayon

I tried this in store, and realized that one can create effortless smoky eyes with just one Twin Color Eye Crayon. Each crayon comes with 2 shades (light and dark) to highlight and contour the eyes. (My oily lids are the enemy here!)

Eye-Makeup Pencil Eraser

For makeup booboos, Too Cool For School has an eraser for that!

Lashes & Accessories

McGirly Rice Wine Secret

★ Egg Mousse Pack ★  & Egg Mousse Soap

Contains high moisturizing essence that makes skin moist and shiny. Egg ingredients cultivate healthy looking skin! Lightly massage your face to stimulate blood circulation resulting to clearer and brighter complexion!

Face Masks

Vitamin Water Mist

Rules of Body Body Cleanser & Lotion

Jean George Llong Sun Block

My kind of sunblock! I shall let the packaging speak for itself. ;)

Rolly Doll Perfume Gel

They also have fragrances, and this is just one among the many they carry.

Wonderful Multiple Stick

At first, I thought this would be like Benefit's Fine One One, but it's actually a multipurpose stick you can use to moisturize from head to toe. It's made with Argan oil and 20% shea butter for maximum hydration.

Do drop by Too Cool For School's newest store in SM North EDSA while the stocks (and testers) are fresh! Haha. Since I pass by SM North EDSA on my way home almost every day, I'm pretty sure I'll be dropping by again and again! I can't imagine leaving the store empty-handed, as the prices are very reasonable (nothing above P1,300.00!). I'll be unveiling my haul in my upcoming post! :D

SM Mall of Asia, Level 2, Entertainment Mall, near the south parking
SM North EDSA: Level 2, Main Building, across Chowking and Mann Hann

Like Too Cool For School - Philippines on Facebook for more information about the brand. What Too Cool For School product do you want to try? :D



  1. Whoa, thank you for this post! I don't really use TCFS products, and never seen the store. Dang - it's totally not what I imagined! o___o (I was thinking it to be similar to Etude house, or something pink and frilly.) Really interesting!

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. It's my first time go to TCFS, and I was surprised too on how different and unique the store concept is. :D

  2. That store looks awesome! I hope they open up a branch in the South area!

    1. They do have a branch in SM Mall of Asia. :D

  3. Omo, they're finally open. ^^ I hope I can drop by this weekend. Everything looks so cute...and creepy. ^^

    1. Oh you'll love it there, I'm sure! If you drop by this weekend, I might see you. Haha!


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