Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Polish

This year, The Body Shop launched 3 scents for their Christmas bath and body range: Cranberry Joy, Ginger Sparkle, and Vanilla Bliss.

Among the three, my favorite would have to be Vanilla Bliss because it smells like food!

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Polish (P795.00)

This limited-edition festive body exfoliator is gentle enough to use every day. It removes dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling softer and smoother, and has a rich vanilla fragrance.

    Removes dead skin cells
    Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother
    Rich vanilla scent
    Limited edition


Because it's a body polish, it contains mild exfoliants such as crushed walnut shells, honey, kiwi seed, vanilla seed, and vanilla fruit extract. Compared to regular body scrubs, this one is not so abrasive. In fact, it's gentle enough to be used everyday.

Upon application, you get that very delectable, rich gourmand vanilla scent. I find it very relaxing - something like a comfort food for the skin!
Texture of the Vanilla Bliss Body Polish

It lathers up like a shower gel - even better when used with a bath lily.

To make the product last longer, I use a bath lily with this it, as it has a texture similar to a shower gel - only with added exfoliants. I think this would work nicely as an exfoliating shower gel. After I rinse this off, my skin feels so smooth, so silky! I love that a mild vanilla scent lingers on my skin for a short while, compared to other bath products with scents that disappear the moment you step out of the shower.

For Love Your Body Members, buy 2 at regular price get 1 free on limited edition Christmas bath and body products or buy 1 at 10% off, until December 25, 2012 only. Like The Body Shop, Philippines on Facebook for more sale alerts and promos! 



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