Monday, December 10, 2012

The Body Shop Metallic Eye Definer Pencil: Golden Brown & Moonstone

I would put on makeup everyday, but would skip eyeliner mainly because I have hooded eyelids with thin, almost non-existent crease on my eyes. This would mean bad news for eyeliners, since they'd almost always smudge as soon as I apply it, and turn into eyeshadow by midday. But then, I loved how eyeliners can make my eyes look bigger and more dramatic instantly, so now I'm sharing with you an eyeliner review!

The Body Shop Metallic Eye Definer Pencil in Moonstone & Golden Brown (P550.00)

Rock your party look with this metallic eye pencil. Ultra-soft and easy to blend, it gives a cool metallic twist to a classic flick. Make-up artists love it.

    Water-resistant formula
    Metallic color
    Smooth coverage

The Body Shop Metallic Eye Definer Pencil in Golden Brown
The Body Shop Metallic Eye Definer Pencil in Moonstone

These two metallic eyeliners are part of The Body Shop's Winter Trend 2012 Collection. There are two other more shades available, which are Copper Brown and Pure Gold.


Moonstone | Golden Brown

I've been looking for an off-white eyeliner for so long. I've tried the "white eyeliner on the waterline" tip before, but it was too frosty and it looked very unnatural on me, especially in photos. The Metallic Eye Definer Pencil in Moonstone is just the perfect shade. It's not too harsh and it brightens my eye area. I especially love using this on the inner corners of my eyes, since it gives better control compared to white eyeshadow placed in that same area. I'm also liking the Golden Brown shade. Most days, I just put in on my upper eyelids, and it gives instant but natural definition to my eyes. For a more dramatic look, I apply Golden Brown on my upper lids, and lightly on my lower waterline.

Both the Metallic Eye Definer Pencils go on so smoothly on my eyes, compared to the Eye Definer Pencil in Rich Brown (from my 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette in Golden Brown) which feels hard and drags on my lids. The Metallic Eye Definer Pencils are water-resistant, but not waterproof. They come in creamy pencils, so it still has the tendency to smudge after a few hours of wear.

When worn:

Golden Brown looks very natural and is not as harsh as black. Golden Brown defines my eyes and makes my them look bigger, while Moonstone brightens up the inner corners of my eyes.

Since these are limited edition, I'd consider repurchasing Moonstone as backup, but I wouldn't buy Golden Brown again, since the shade is more common, and I could find a longer-lasting brown eye pencil.

Have you tried any product from The Body Shop's Winter Trend 2012 Collection? Do share with me your experiences! Like The Body Shop, Philippines on Facebook for more information on their newest products.



  1. i have the Glowing Amethyst, my fave color (a gift from a friend) but not from that colelction =)

    1. Oh I remember that! Glowing Amethyst is part of last year's Winter Trend collection. I love how that shade of purple brightens up the look of brown eyes. :)

  2. nice! it looks good on you!:)

    1. Sweet Noey! Bagay rin sayo to, for sure! Maganda eyes mo eh. :)

  3. Love the effect on your eyes. =) Kinda pricey but they look like cool eyeliners.

    1. They're kinds pricey but TBS sometimes give discounts. Like this one was at P200 off when it was first released, so the price became P350. :D

  4. I am going to get one of these in either Moonstone or Pure Gold. I have olive these kind of colours should look great!

    1. I bet those shades would look gorgeous on your skintone, Greta! :)


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